New calendar page

Good News Everyone!

Let me introduce a new lab calendar.

It is accessible from the site Menu and has a simple interface to add a new event:

The plan was to replace a Meetings section flat view and bring more interactivity (for example, you can export this calendar as iCal) so you can easily add new events and maybe avoid additional emails.

I’ve added a few upcoming events and you are welcome to add more if you have something to share with the colleagues!

Zoology email forwarding

Hi All,
Here is a link to get your @zoology email to forward to another email (gmail).

Use settings (the gear thing in the top right corner) -> accounts -> make default to get gmail to send as your @zoology.

Also, you can use “biodiversity” as an alias for your zoology account. For example: is functionally the same as

@botany accounts are completely different.


Lab Safety training

UBC offers two levels of safety courses.

For those who work under supervision (i.e. undergrads), there is a basic online course found here
This is a requirement for all undergrads who will be working in the lab. Once your student has taken the course, it is expected that you (their supervisor) will follow up with reviewing lab safety training specific to our lab. Please remember that these students need supervision at all times when working in the lab.

For lab personnel who do not require supervision there is a more advanced course,, it includes an online and practical component. This course is mandatory, unless you’ve had similar training at a previous institution. Megan will provide in lab follow-up for new personnel to cover safety features of the lab.

UBC also offers other specific training, although the courses aren’t likely relevant to the type of lab work we do; such as Radionucleotides, and biohazards, please see

lab contact information and birthday list

Here is the most up-to-date contact information for the Rieseberg lab, including birthdays, email addresses, and phone numbers. If you want, you can download a word document of this here: Lab Contact Info and Birthday List. If your information changes, either let me know or edit this post and the downloadable document appropriately. Thanks!
(contact: John L)

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Say hello to my little friends

It is my pleasure to introduce a new species to the Rieseberg lab: Alliaria petiolata (aka garlic mustard) is an invasive species in North America that is also widespread in Europe. Unfortunately we have had some problems with fungus and getting seeds to germinate, but we are moving forward.

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Newest Lab Member – Needs Name

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest lab member… actually it doesn’t have a name yet, but that’s the main reason for this post. This cute little guy/girl needs a name. I have been toying with TERMINATOR, HAL, iRob, and Rob(ot), but I’m sure you can do better. Could be male, female, or gender-neutral and whoever comes up with the best name gets a special treat.

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Moving to BC (Nolan)

Here is a very helpful set of information on moving to BC, mainly put together by Eric Baack, and updated several years ago by Mike Barker.  One of these days we should start sending this out to people BEFORE they move to BC…

Moving to BC Barker edit

This is the most recent version (May 2014), updated thanks to Megan Stewart.

Edit (GB): looking for a place to stay? can have more postings than craigslist (which is also good).