Seeds of bliss –  גרעינים – بذر

How chewing 10 tons of sunflower seeds brings Arabs and Israelis together?

This started in 2012 and is an ongoing project (see Facebook page here) of an artist called Noam Edry. Her idea is to bring together people from the Middle East through the ancient munching and shell-spitting habit. The project is called “Seeds of Bliss –  גרעינים – بذر“. It uses the sunflower as an emblem of the Middle-East to produce a contemporary art performance (which is a very fancy name for people sitting together to eat sunflower seeds and spit the shells) in outdoor cafes, in a friendly and personal atmosphere in city pairs like Aqaba and Eilat, Nablus and Haifa, Beth-Lehem and Umm El Fahm, Jenin and Afula. They get people from neighbouring cities to travel to their city pair. The challenge is to unite people from all these different cities to munch 10 tons of sunflower seeds!

Photo: Shula Covo, all rights reserved

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It is really comforting to watch the videos of how eating sunflowers can bring together people who’s nations are in conflict.




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