Resources for drought genes in sunflower

Recently, I hassled people until they gave me places to look for lists of genes expressed in response to drought treatment in Helianthus. Perhaps you will find it useful too?

Marchand et al. 2014 drought gene regulatory network:

Based on experimental data from Rengel et al. 2012:

And more in Marchand’s thesis:

Additionally, Min has some data/preliminary analysis from a microarray study in sunflower. Contact him for more info?

Using RSEM to estimate gene and isoform expression (Sam)

RSEM is a relatively new bioinformatics tool that has been developed in conjunction with Trinity for the analysis of RNAseq data. RSEM can be used to estimate expression levels for both genes and different isoforms of genes, and is quite quick and easy to use, with an excellent google group for help (“RSEM users”). All it requires is an RNAseq dataset (either fasta or fq format) and a reference transcriptome that it can be aligned to.

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