Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series (BLISS)

Fridays, 16:00 to 17:00, Biodiversity Research Centre, Room 224.

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty and emeritus faculty at the Biodiversity Research Centre.

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Winter/Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan 5 Norah Brown Exit seminar Zoology, PhD candidate
Jan 12 BRITE interns Dr. Paige Olmsted, Patrick Burke, Dr. Ruth Sharpe Show Me the Money? Social Finance for Conservation. Bioacoustic Monitoring in a Biodiversity Hotspot. Education and Outreach at The Vancouver Aquarium UBC
Jan 19 Dr Daniel Anstett Latitudinal gradients in herbivory and plant defence Postdoc, Angert lab
Jan 26 Dr Claire Ruffing-Cathcart Understanding Temporal Variability in Stream Ecosystems Postdoc, Richardson lab
Feb 2 Dr Matthew Mitchell Managing human-dominated systems for nature and people: the importance of landscape structure Postdoc, IRES
Feb 9 Christoph Deeg Parasites of heterotrophic protists: Giant viruses and tiny bacteria PhD candidate, Suttle lab
Feb 16 Dr. Bianca Trevizan Microbial taxa exhibit distinct biogeographic patterns depending on how rare they are Postdoc, Parfrey lab
Feb 23 Reading break
Mar 2 (15:30-17:00), Beaty Museum auditorium Invited speakers: Dr. Andrea MacLeod, Dr. Aria Hahn, M.Sc. Christianne Wilhelmson Career paths outside academia Nature Trust BC, ECOSCOPE and Koonkie Cloud Services, Georgia Strait Alliance
Mar 9 Laura Borden Persistence and recovery potential of the kelp Neoagarum fimbriatum under increased grazer pressure MSc Candidate, Botany
Mar 16 Dr. Jared Grummer Scaly, temperate beasts: evolutionary history of Argentinean lizards, and population genomics and adaptation of BC rainbow trout Postdoc, Zoology
Mar 23 Prof. Jason Weir Speciation in Amazonian birds and the origins of the latitudinal diversity gradient Associate Professor, U of Toronto
Mar 30 Holiday
Apr 6 ZGSA symposium
Apr 13
Apr 20 Matthew Miles Osmond Evolutionary rescue: integrating ecological and evolutionary theory PhD candidate, Zoology
Apr 27
May 4 Dr. Jan Finke Environmental variables shape phytoplankton virus communities Postdoc, Suttle lab

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sept 15
Sept 21 Prof. Julie Allen TBA University of Nevada-Reno
Sept 28
Oct 5
Oct 12
Oct 19
Oct 26 Eco-Evo retreat
Nov 2 Dr. Michael Betancourt TBA Applied Statistician
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Nov 30
Dec 7

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