Biodiversity Lunchtime Internal Seminar Series (BLISS)

Fall 2016 Schedule

Mondays, 12:00 to 13:00, Beaty Biodiversity Museum's Auditorium.

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty and emeritus faculty at the Biodiversity Research Centre.

Contact Rachel Germain to sign up or for more information.

Date Speaker Title Lab
Sep 12 Prof Isla Myers-Smith Arctic ecology in a warming world University of Edinburgh
Sep 19 Dr Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva Tree and leaf: on the evolution of cultural and natural networks Dobeli lab
Sep 26 Dr Rachel Germain Historical contingencies in the ecology and evolution of species diversity Biodiversity Postdoc
Oct 3 Dr Devin Arbuthnott Mate choice, sexual selection, and adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster Whitlock & Schluter labs
Oct 10 Thanksgiving -- --
Oct 17 Kim Gilbert Understanding local adaptation and effective population size in the face of complex demographic history Whitlock lab
Oct 24 Prof Tony Sinclair The future of conservation: lessons from long term research and the need for rewilding Zoology
Oct 31 Dr. Alex Little (Comparative Physiology search) Regulators of Plasticity: molecular fitness determinants in changing environments Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
Nov 7 Dr. Paula Duarte Guterman (Comparative Physiology search) Comparative physiology of sex steroids: from development to brain function Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, UBC
Nov 14 Beaty Biodiversity Museum What's new at the museum Museum
Nov 21 Prof Sally Aitken Do phenotypes and population genomics paint the same picture of adaptation to climate in conifers? Forestry
Nov 28 Jasmine Ono Genetics of adaptation in experimental yeast populations (PhD exit seminar) Otto lab
Dec 5 Dr Edward Gregr Sea Otters, kelp forests, and ecosystem services: modelling habitats, uncertainties, and trade-offs Chan lab
Dec 12 I: Advanced Research Computing
II: BRITE intern John Lee
I: ARC & Compute Canada at UBC
II: The importance of agricultural biodiversity

Winter/Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title Lab
Jan 16 Dr. Jennifer Sunday The ecology of species distributions: testing our understanding across scales Postdoctoral fellow
Jan 23 Alys Granados Ecological effects of disrupting plant-animal interactions (PhD exit seminar) Brodie lab
Jan 30 Dr. Claire Fortunel Functional trait differences and the mechanisms structuring diverse communities UCLA
Feb 6 Kat Anderson Algal-herbivore interactions in a high CO2 world: lessons from different ecological scales Harley lab
Feb 13 Family day -- --
Feb 20 Reading week -- --
Feb 27 Dr. Alyssa Gehman Community interaction & environmental drivers of marine host-parasite dynamics Harley lab
Mar 6 Dr Holly Moeller Trade, Borrow, or Steal: Acquired metabolism in community ecology Biodiversity postdoc
Mar 13 Colin Mahony A closer look at novel climates: Trajectories of climate change beyond North America’s climatic boundaries Aitken lab
Mar 20 Dr Tiffany Stephens Exploring patterns in enzyme activity for the carbon and nitrogen metabolism of 39 seaweeds Martone lab, Fisheries
Mar 27 Dr. Martha Nelson-Flower In line to the throne: queues for dominance in a social bird Arcese lab
Apr 3 Marybel Soto Gomez
Micah Scholer
Adrian Semmelink
BRITE Interns Biodiversity Research Centre
Apr 10 Dr. Walden Kwong The bee microbiome: a new model system Keeling lab
Apr 17 Statutory holiday -- --
Apr 24 Joey Bernhardt Causes and consequences of nutritional diversity in aquatic food webs O'Connor lab

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