Biodiversity Legendary Internal Seminar Series (BLISS)

Fridays, 16:00 to 17:00, Biodiversity Research Centre, Room 224.

Featuring research by grad students, postdocs, faculty and emeritus faculty at the Biodiversity Research Centre.

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Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Sep 15 BRITE interns Dr Alys Granados, Jasmine Ono, Natalie Westwood The consequences of clear-cut logging for coastal temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. Investigating the stability of hybrid beer yeast over multiple re-pitches. From the ground up: creating a long-term biodiversity monitoring program. UBC
Sep 22 Dr Florent Mazel The evolution of mammals and their gut microbiota UBC postdoc
Sep 29 Prof Arturo Elosegi Effects of global change on streams: from individual behavior to ecosystem functioning Visiting faculty, Basque University
Oct 6 Dr Pirmin Nietlisbach Inbreeding depression and heterozygosity-fitness correlations in simulations and in the wild UBC postdoc, Whitlock lab
Oct 13 (AERL 120) Prof. Jonathan Levine Understanding species' responses to climate change: the need for population and community ecology ETH Zürich
Oct 20 Dr. David Shiffman The role of modern communication technology in ocean science and conservation Liber Ero postdoc, SFU
Oct 27 Beaty Biodiversity Museum Mini-Workshop: Communicating your Science with the Beaty Museum (workshop material here) Museum
Nov 3 no BLISS, due to EcoEvo retreat
Nov 10 Dr. Matt Whalen Effects of small-scale environmental heterogeneity on development of rocky intertidal communities Postdoc, Martone & O'Connor labs
Nov 17
Nov 24 Prof. Raul Suarez History, social institutions and the Philippine biodiversity crisis Zoology

Winter/Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan 5 Norah Brown Exit seminar Zoology, PhD candidate
Jan 12 BRITE interns Patrick Burke, Paige Olmsted, Ruth Sharpe TBA UBC
Jan 19 Dr Daniel Anstett Latitudinal gradients in plant defence and drought-related traits Postdoc, Angert lab
Jan 26 Dr Claire Ruffing TBA Postdoc, Richardson lab
Feb 2 Dr Matthew Mitchell TBA Postdoc, IRES
Feb 9 Christoph Deeg TBA PhD candidate, Suttle lab
Feb 16 Sean Naman TBA PhD candidate, Zoology
Feb 23
Mar 2
Mar 9
Mar 16
Mar 23 Matthew Miles Osmond PhD candidate, Zoology
Mar 30

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