Lab News–Curling Triumph(s) (ish) (Heather)

Ok, “triumph” is relative. But we have to start somewhere.

For those of you who weren’t there to witness but have been breathless with curiosity all weekend, the Rieseberg Lab had a powerful presence at the Botany Bonspiel this last Saturday, fielding 2.5 teams.

Whether due to illness, ill-luck in the bracket placement, or possibly just lack of overall awesomeness at curling, the Riesburglars (me, Josh, Brook, and Rieseberg Ally and Token Canadian Jasmine Ono) failed to repeat our strong 4th place finish from last year. But Rieseburglars 2 (Kate, Kieran, GregO and Seb) kicked ass as an all-Canadian powerhouse, finishing undefeated in their 3-game streak (yet mysteriously not advancing to the finals???). Saving the best for last, the Crutburglars (mistakenly named “The Experiment” in the official register) (Dan, Vincenzo, and 2 Crutsingers) actually entered the finals–and left clutching fistfuls of “plastic gold” (otherwise called “Starbucks Cards”). Woot!