Room Temperature RNA extraction

Derivation: The following protocol is a modified Zhao Lai et al 2006 and TRizol Plus protocol.

Expected results: I tested the protocol with Arabidopsis seedlings and it gives quality RNA that was used for RT-PCR (non-quantitative).  I am able to achieve 75-270 ng/uL (100 uL elution – take this value with a grain of salt since it is derived from the nanodrop) of RNA from 38-48 mg of seedlings (this is approximately 20 seedlings grown for 18 days). I have yet to experience a failed RT-PCR with RNA isolated using this extraction.

Keys to success: Yield is highly linked to tissue mass and quality of tissue grind. The range of tissue mass is very small. One should use a small tissue amount and process a given sample over a column many times. Tissue is ground successfully only when it is not visible in the trizol/tissue/bead mixture. Minimize RNAse paranoia – Guanidine isothiocyanate does a good job of destroying protein structure, inactivating RNAses.

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