Spring 2010

Date Presenter Paper
15 Jan Rich FitzJohn Reesink et al. (2009) Explaining the linguistic diversity of Sahul using population models. PloS Biology 7: e1000241.
22 Jan Jon Mee Kozak et al. (2009) Can parallel diversification occur in sympatry? Repeated patterns of body-size evolution in coexisting clades of North American salamanders. Evolution 63: 1769-1784.
29 Jan Travis Ingram &
Arne Mooers
Venditti et al. (2010) Phylogenies reveal new interpretation of speciation and the Red Queen. Nature 463: 349-352.
5 Feb Kieran Samuk Alaux et al. 2009. Honey bee aggression supports a link between gene regulation and behavioral evolution. PNAS 106: 15400-15405.
12 Feb Leithen M'Gonigle van Doorn et al. 2009. On the origin of species by natural and sexual selection. Science 326: 1704-1707.
19 Feb Midterm break
26 Feb Midterm break
5 Mar Karen Magnuson-Ford Marx & Uhen 2010. Climate, critters, and Cetaceans: Cenozoic drivers of the evolution of modern whales. Science 327: 993-996.
12 Mar Andrew MacDonald Venail et al. 2008. Diversity and productivity peak at intermediate dispersal rate in evolving metacommunities. Nature 452: 210-214.
19 Mar Kate Ostevik Campos et al. 2010. Ancient DNA analyses exclude humans as the driving force behind late Pleistocene musk ox (Ovibos moschatus) population dynamics. PNAS early.
26 Mar Kay Hodgins Morran et al. (2009) Mutation load and rapid adaptation favour outcrossing over self-fertilization. Nature 462: 350-352.
2 Apr Easter
9 Apr Brook Moyers Gourbière and Mallet (2010) Are species real? The shape of the species boundary with exponential failure, reinforcement, and the "missing snowball". Evolution 64: 1-24.

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