Fall 2009

Date Presenter Paper
11 Sept None General planning and discussion
18 Sept Sam Yeaman Mery et al. (2007) Natural polymorphism affecting learning and memory in Drosophila. PNAS 104: 13051-13055.
25 Sept Jon Mee Kellermann et al. (2009) Fundamental evolutionary limits in ecological traits drive Drosophila species distributions. Science 325: 1244-1246.
2 Oct Itay Mayrose Mitchell et al. (2009) Adaptive prediction of environmental changes by microorganisms. Nature 460: 220-4.
9 Oct Dave Toews &
Sampath Seneviratne
White et al. (2009) Ardipithecus ramidus and the paleobiology of early hominids. Science 326: 64 & 75-85.
16 Oct Jasmine Ono Tirosh et al. (2009) A yeast hybrid provides insight into the evolution of gene expression regulation. Science 324: 659-662.
23 Oct Anne Dalziel Hanifin et al. (2008) Phenotypic mismatches reveal escape from arms-race coevolution. PLoS Biology 6: 471-482.
30 Oct Kieran Samuk Linksvayer et al. (2009). Honeybee social regulatory networks are shaped by colony‚Äźlevel selection. The American Naturalist 173: E99-E107.
6 Nov Symposium The Meaning and Role of Theory in Evolutionary Biology, Green College, all day. Normal EDG cancelled this week.
13 Nov Laura Southcott Barrick et al. (2009) Genome evolution and adaptation in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli. Nature 461: 1243-1247.
20 Nov Gina Conte Roberts et al. (2009) Sexual conflict resolved by invasion of a novel sex determiner in Lake Malawi cichlid fishes. Science 326: 998-1001.
27 Nov Joe Felsenstein Using molecular data and paleontological data together: Is there a phylogenetic statistical method for fossil morphology? Background reading: Felsenstein (2002) Quantitative characters, phylogenies, and morphometrics. pp. 27-44 in Morphology, Shape, and Phylogenetics, edited by N. MacLeod. Systematics Association Special Volume Series 64. Taylor and Francis, London.

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