Spring 2009

Date Presenter Paper
9 January Leithen M'Gonigle Okabe & Makino (2008) Parasitic mites as part-time bodyguards of a host wasp. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 2293-2297.
16 January Kieran Samuk Kummerli et al. (2009) Limited dispersal, budding dispersal, and cooperation: an experimental study. Evolution in press
23 January Michelle Tseng Read and Huijben (2009) Evolutionary biology and the avoidance of antimicrobial resistance. Evolutionary Applications in press
30 January Matt Siegle Darimont et al. (2009) Human predators outpace other agents of trait change in the wild. PNAS 106: 952-954.
6 February Brook Moyers Galtier et al. (2009) GC-biased gene conversion promotes the ļ¬xation of deleterious amino acid changes in primates. Trends in Genetics 25: 1-5.
13 February Fred Guillaume Wang and Zhang (2007) In search of the biological significance of modular structures in protein networks. PLos Compututational Biology 3: e107.
20 February Midterm break
27 February Alana Schick Ohtsuki et al. (2009) Indirect reciprocity provides only a narrow margin of efficiency for costly punishment. Nature 457: 79-82.
6 March JS Moore Muster et al. (2009) Arctic-alpine distributionsā€”metapopulations on a continental scale? The American Naturalist 173: 313-326
13 March Gina Conte Forbes et al. (2009) Sequential sympatric speciation across trophic levels. Science 323: 776-779.
20 March Dave Toews Anderson et al. (2009) Molecular and evolutionary history of melanism in north american gray wolves. Science 323: 1339-1343.
27 March Jasmine Ono Cutter et al. (2008) Patterns of molecular evolution in Caenorhabditis preclude ancient origins of selfing. Genetics 178: 2093-2104.
3 April Sampath Seneviratne Moyle et al. (2009) Explosive Pleistocene diversification and hemispheric expansion of a "great speciator." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106: 1863-1868.

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