Spring 2008

Date Presenter Paper
Jan 11 Heather Ramsay Kraft et al. 2008. Trait Evolution, Community Assembly, and the Phylogenetic Structure of Ecological Communities. American Naturalist 170(2): 271-274.
Jan 18 None Hawks et al. 2007. Recent acceleration of human adaptive evolution. PNAS 104(52): 20753-20758.
Jan 25 Jon Mee Gratten et al. 2008. A localized negative genetic correlation constrains microevolution of coat colour in wild sheep. Science 319: 318-320
Feb 1 Arianne Albert Cooper et al. 2007. A negative relationship between mutation pleiotropy and fitness effect in yeast. Evolution 61: 1495-1499
Feb 8 Chris Lee Franks et al. 2007. Rapid evolution of flowering time by an annual plant in response to a climate fluctuation PNAS 104(4) 1278-1282
Feb 15 Diana Percy Guimaraes et al. 2006. Asymmetries in specialization in ant-plant mutualistic networks. Proc. R. Soc. B 273. 2041-2047
Feb 22 Midterm break
Feb 29 Christine Woollacott Wang et al. 2008. Trade-off between reciprocal mutualists: local resource availability-oriented interaction in fig/fig wasp mutualism. Journal of Animal Ecology.
Mar 7 Kay Hodgins Whittall & Hodges 2007. Pollinator shifts drive increasingly long nectar spurs in columbine flowers. Nature 447: 706-709
Mar 14 Jean-Sebastien Moore Carlson et al. 2007. Predation by bears drive senescence in natural populations of salmon. PLoS ONE 2(12) e1286, 11 pages.
Mar 21 Easter
Mar 28 Mirjam Barrueto Day et al. 2008. Why is HIV not vector-borne? Evolutionary Applications 1: 17-27.
April 4 Anne Dalziel Hall et al. 2007. Genetics of microenvironmental canalization in Arabidopsis thaliana: PNAS 104: 13717-13722.

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