Spring 2005

Presenter Paper
Nyssa Temmel Liu et al. 2004. A primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution. Nature 427: 348-352
Quentin Cronk Fondon & Garner 2004. Molecular origins of rapid and continuous morphological evolution. PNAS 101: 18056-18063
Alan Brelsford Bonneaud et al. 2004. Terminal investment induced by immune challange and fitness traits associated with major histocompatibility complex in the house sparrow. Evolution 58: 2823-2830
Keith Adams Ting et al. 2004. Gene Duplication and speciation in Drosophila: evidence from the Odysseus locus. PNAS 101: 12232-12235
Jessica Hill Sachs & Bull 2005. Experimental evolution of conflict mediation between genomes PNAS 102: 390-395
Travis Ingram Garant et al. 2005. Evolution driven by dispersal within a wild bird population. Nature 433: 60-65
Patricio Salazar Mesoudi et al. 2004. Perspective: Is human cultural evolution Darwinian? Evidence reviewed from the perspective of The Origin of Species. Evolution 58: 1-11.
Jabus Tyerman Jordan et al. 2005. A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution. Nature 433: 633-638.
Isidro Ojeda Gompel et al. 2005. Chance caught on a wing: cis-regulatory evolution and the origin of pigment patterns in Drosophila. Nature 433L 481-487
Jeff Fletcher Lieberman et al. 2005. Evolutionary dynamics on Graphs. Nature 433: 312-316
Rachel Johnson Lenormand & Dutheil. 2005. Recombination differences between sexes: a role for haploid selection. PLOS 3: 396-403
Dilara Ally Keightley et al. 2005. Evidence for widespread degradation of gene control regions in hominid genomes. PLOS 3: 282-288
Peter Keightley Special EDG seminar: Resolving genes that underlie quantitative variation for growth in mice

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