Spring 2007

Date Presenter Paper
Jan 12 Darren Irwin Daeschler et al. 2006. A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan. Nature 440(6): 757-762.
Ahlberg and Clack. 2006. A firm step from water to land. Nature 440(6): 747-749.
Jan 19 Travis Ingram Gavrilets and Vose. 2006. The dynamics of Machiavellian intelligence. PNAS 103(45): 16823-16828.
Jan 26 Crispin Jordan Pischedda and Chippindale. 2006. Intralocus sexual conflict diminishes the benefits of sexual selection. PLOS B 4(11): 2099-2103.
Feb 2 Jon Mee Killick et al. 2006. Testing the pluralist approach to sex: the influence of environment on synergistic interactions between mutation load and parasitism in Daphnia magna. JEB 19(5): 1603-1611.
Feb 9 Danika Kleiber Duckworth, R.A. 2006. Aggressive behaviour affects selection on morphology by influencing settlement patterns in a passerine bird. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 273: 1789-1795.
Feb 16 Alan Brelsford Kronforst et al. 2006. Linkage of butterfly mate preference and wing color preference cue at the genomic location of wingless. PNAS 103:6575-6580.
Feb 23 Midterm break
Mar 2 Patricio Salazar Gomez-Mestre,I. & D.R. Buchholz. 2007. Developmental plasticity mirrors differences among taxa in spadefoot toads linking plasticity and diversity. PNAS 103(50): 19021–19026.
Supp. Mat.
Mar 9 David Toews Veen et al. 2007. Does migration of hybrids contribute to post-zygotic isolation in flycatchers? Proceedings of the Royal Society B 274: 707-712.
Mar 16 Hannes Dempewolf Valiente-Banuet et al. 2006. Modern Quaternary plant lineages promote diversity through facilitation of ancient Tertiary lineages. PNAS 103(45): 16812-16817
Mar 23 Wendy Tymchuk Fanie Pelletier et al. 2007. The evolutionary demography of ecological change: linking trait variation and population growth. Science 315: 1571-1574.
Supp. Mat.
Mar 30 Caroline Ames Reid et al. 2005. Fitness correlates of song repertoire size in free-living song sparrows (Melospiza melodia). American Naturalist 165(3): 299-310.
Apr 6 Good Friday

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