Fall 2004

Presenter Paper
Patricio Salazar Barraclough et al (2003) Diversification in sexual and asexual organisms. Evolution 57(9): 2166-2172
Jeannette Whitton Ramsey et al (2003) Components of reproductive isolation between the monkeyflowers Mimulus lewisii and M. cardinalis (Phrymacea). Evolution 57(7): 1520-1534
Aleeza Gerstein Bull et al (2004) Genome properties and the limits of adaptation in bacteriophages. Evolution 58(4): 692-701
Jessica Purcell Martin and Hosken (2003) The evolution of reproductive isolation through sexual conflict. Nature 423: 979-982
Chrissy Spencer Martin and McKay (2004) Latitudinal variation in genetic divergence of populations and the potential for future speciation. Evolution 58(5): 938-945.
Arianne Albert Wade and Shuster (2004) Estimating the strength of sexual selection from Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA diversity. Evolution 58(7): 1613-1616.
Sam Yeaman Hahn et al. (2004) Molecular evolution in large genetic networks: Does connectivity equal constraint? Journal of Molecular Evolution. 58:203-211.
Sally Otto Nowak et al. (2004) Emergence of cooperation and evolutionary stability in finite populations. Nature, 428:646-650.
Jeff Sardela Hebert et al (2004) Identification of birds through DNA barcodes. PLoS Biology 2(10): e312.
Risa Sargent Wiens (2004) Speciation and ecology revisited: phylogenetic niche conservatism and the origin of species. Evolution, 58:193-197.
Chris Sears Linder & Rieseberg (2004) Reconstructing patterns of reticulate evolution in plants. American Journal of Botany. 91(10):1700-1708.
Andrew MacColl Buckling & Rainey (2002) The role of parasites in sympatric and allopatric host divergence. Nature 420:496-499.

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