Fall 2007

Date Presenter Paper
Sept 14 Sam Yeaman McGregor et al. 2007. Morphological evolution through multiple CIS-regulatory mutations at a single gene. Nature. 448:587-591.
Sept 21 Jon Mee Funk, DJ, Nosil, P, and Etges, WJ. 2006. Ecological divergence exhibits consistently positive associations with reproductive isolation across disparate taxa. PNAS 103(9): 3209-3213.
Sept 28 Heather Ramsey Edwards, SE, Liang, L, and Pearl, DK. 2007. High resolution species trees without concatenation. PNAS 104(14): 5036-5041.
Oct 5 Gwylim Blackburn Rundle HD, Chenoweth SF, Doughty P, et al. 2005. Divergent selection and the evolution of signal traits and mating preferences. PLOS BIOLOGY 3 (11): 1988-1995.
Oct 12 Sally Otto Clark et al. 2007. Common sequence polymorphisms shaping genetic diversity in Arabidopsis thaliana. Science 317: 338-342.
Oct 19 Travis Ingram Puebla, O. et al. 2007. Colour pattern as a single trait driving speciation in Hypoplectrus coral reef fishes? Proc. R. Soc. B 274: 1265-1271.
Oct 26 Christine Woollacott Martin NH, Bouck AC, and Arnold ML 2006. Detecting Adaptive Trait Introgression Between Iris fulva and I. brevicaulis in Highly Selective Field Conditions. Genetics 172: 2481-2489.
Nov 2 Crispin Jordan Prusinkiewicz et al. 2007. Evolution and Development of Inflorescence Architectures. Science 316: 1452.
Nov 9 Chris Lee Kress & Erickson. 2007. A Two-Locus Global DNA Barcode for Land Plants: The Coding rbcL Gene Complements the Non-Coding trnH-psbA Spacer Region. PLOS ONE 6: e508.
Nov 16 Rose Andrew Moore, J.-S., J. L. Gow, E. B. Taylor, and A. P. Hendry. 2007. Quantifying the constraining influence of gene flow on adaptive divergence in the lake-stream threespine stickleback system. Evolution 61:2015-2026.
Nov 23 Rich Fitzjohn van Doorn & Kirkpatrick 2007. Turnover of sex chromosomes induced by sexual conflict. Nature: 449: 909-912.
Nov 30 Heather Maughan Gilbert et al. 2007. The emergence of HIV/AIDS in the Americas and beyond. PNAS 104: 18566.
Dec 7 Julie Lee-Yaw Pfennig DW, Rice AM 2007. An experimental test of character displacement's role in promoting postmating isolation between conspecific populations in contrasting competitive environments. Evolution 61: 2433-2443.
Dec 15 Caroline Ames O'Connor et al. 2006. Extra-pair fertilisation and effective population size in the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) Journal of Avian Biology 37: 572-578.

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