Fall 2008

Date Presenter Paper
5 Sept None General planning and discussion
12 Sept Sam Yeaman Wagner et al. (2008) Pleiotropic scaling of gene effects and the 'cost of complexity'. Nature 452 470-472.
19 Sept Crispin Jordan Hegreness et al. (2008) Accelerated evolution of resistance in multidrug environments. PNAS 105: 13977-13981.
26 Sept Fred Guillaume Labbé et al. (2007) Forty years of erratic insecticide resistance evolution in the mosquito Culex pipiens. PLoS Genetics 3: 2190-2199.
3 Oct Jon Mee McDonald et al. (2008) An introduced and a native vertebrate hybridize to form a genetic bridge to a second native species. PNAS 105: 10837–10842.
10 Oct Rich FitzJohn Eppley & Jesson (2008) Moving to mate: the evolution of separate and combined sexes in multicellular organisms. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 21: 727-738.
17 Oct Everyone/No-one Rogers & Greig (2008) Experimental evolution of a sexually selected display in yeast. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276: 543-549.
24 Oct J-S Moore Seehausen et al. (2008) Speciation through sensory drive in cichlid fish. Nature 455: 620-626.
31 Oct Matt Siegle Harper & Pfennig (2008) Selection overrides gene flow to break down maladaptive mimicry. Nature 451: 1103-1106.
7 Nov Leithen M'Gonigle Fincher & Thornhill (2008) Assortative sociality, limited dispersal, infectious disease and the genesis of the global pattern of religion diversity. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 2587-2594.
14 Nov Travis Ingram Adamowicz et al. (2008) Increasing morphological complexity in multiple parallel lineages of the Crustacea. PNAS 105: 4786-4791.
21 Nov Rowan Barrett Zayed & Whitfield (2008) A genome-wide signature of positive selection in ancient and recent invasive expansions of the honey bee Apis mellifera. PNAS 105: 3421-3426.
28 Nov Mirjam Barrueto Lie et al. (2008) Genetic diversity revealed in human faces. Evolution 62: 2473-2486.

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