Biology 300: Overheads

Note:  These overheads are slightly out of date. For students in BIOL 300, the most recent version of these overheads are in the Files section of Canvas. Instructors from other institutions who would like to see the newer version, please email Mike Whitlock.

These files are provided purely as a service to you. If you find the discrepancies in order and coverage between these files and the lectures disconcerting, please disregard these files and take your own notes.

Chapter 1. Introduction to statistics and sampling   

Chapter 2. Graphics

Chapter 3. Describing data

Chapter 4. Estimation   

Chapter 5. Probability

Chapter 6. Hypothesis testing

Chapter 7. Proportions

Chapter 8. Fitting discrete models

Chapter 9. Contingency analysis

Chapter 10. The normal distribution

Chapter 11. One sample inference

Chapter 12. Two-sample inference

Chapter 13. Violations of assumptions

Chapter 14. Experimental design

Chapter 15. ANOVA 

Chapter 16. Correlation

Chapter 17. Regression

Chapter 19-21. Modern advances