GBS Protocol (GregO)

Kristin and I have been working on GBS for a long time and since it now seems to be working, we wrote up a protocol. It is mostly the same from Greg Baute’s previous protocol, but with a few key changes (More DNA, more PCR). I’ve made it look nice and included a diagram for ease of thought.

Also, the official pronunciation of GBS is ‘jibs’

GBS Protocol (V1.1_July2012)

GBS protocol_excessive detail_Nov 2012

Several of the steps can be done more efficiently using the Aitken Lab robot. Kristin has worked out a deal where Rieseberglars are allowed to use the robot but we must supply our own tips (they are expensive proprietary tips), so remember to order tips if you plan on using the robot a lot. A guide to the robot can be found here on the blog.

2 thoughts on “GBS Protocol (GregO)

  1. I’ve updated the protocol, making a few small changes. Mostly just adding details, including the targets for quality at the end.

  2. I added the “excessive detail” version of the protocol, which is 4 pages long, can be easily edited, and includes embedded kit instructions, time estimates, locations of supplies, etc. but which is otherwise entirely based on Greg O. and Kristin’s protocol (though not as nicely laid out). All mistakes are my own. I have not actually performed this protocol yet, so I may add more details in the future.

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