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Dr. Sarah P. Otto
(Nickname: Sally)

	Department of Zoology, Room 3340 (map)
	University of British Columbia
	6270 University Blvd.
	Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4, Canada
	FAX:  (604) 822-2416
	Phone: (604) 822-2778
	Email: otto at zoology.ubc.ca

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A Sample of Seminars:

SARS-CoV-2: An evolving pandemic (Society for the Study of Evolution, Evolution in Action Symposium, Cleveland OH, 2022) [PowerPoint]

Linking levels of selection with genetic modifiers (Society for the Study of Evolution, Presidential Address, Portland OR, 2017)

The population genetics of sex and recombination (Genetics Society Annual Meeting, Warwick UK, 2001)

What factors limit the rate of evolution? (Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, UBC, 1999)

The debate over dominance (History and Memory seminar, Green College, UBC, 1998)

Rates of evolution in changing environments (Evolution meetings, 1997)

Evolution with three sexes: The case of Eulimnadia texana (seminar in Honours Biology 347, UBC, 1997)

Evolution of recombination (seminar in the Institute of Applied Mathematics, UBC, September 30 1996)

The evolution of recombination: Removing the limits to natural selection (CalPEG, 1996)


Using the notation of Kirkpatrick et al. (2002) in Mathematica, by Rich FitzJohn.

Model of X-Inactivation in Human Blood Cells, by Jordana Tzenova. (Download pascal file or executable file for Windows)

Supplementary Material and Proofs:

[If you do not have Mathematica, a free Mathematica reader is available on the web.]

Otto, S. P., J. R. Pannell, C. L. Peichel, T.-L. Ashman, D. Charlesworth, A. K. Chippindale, L. F. Delph, R. F. Guerrero, S. V. Scarpino, B. F. McAllister (2011) About PAR: The distinct evolutionary dynamics of the pseudoautosomal region. Trends in Genetics, 27:358-367.

Hartfield, M., and S. P. Otto (2011) Recombination and hitchhiking of deleterious alleles. Evolution, 65: 2421-2434.

Blackburn, G. S., A. Y. K. Albert, and S. P. Otto (2010) The evolution of sex ratio adjustment in the presence of sexual antagonistic selection. American Naturalist, 176:264-275.

Otto, S. P., M. R. Servedio, S. L. Nuismer (2008) Frequency-dependent selection and the evolution of assortative mating. Genetics, 179: 2091-2112.

Otto, S. P. and C. D. Jones (2000) Detecting the undetected: Estimating the total number of loci underlying a trait in QTL analyses. Genetics,156: 2093-2107.

Phillips, P. C., S. P. Otto, and M. C. Whitlock (1999) Beyond the average: The evolutionary importance of epistasis and the variability of epistatic effects. In Epistasis and the Evolutionary Process, eds. J. Wolf, E. D. Brodie III, and M. J. Wade.

Otto, S. P. and M. W. Feldman (1997) Deleterious mutations, variable epistatic interactions and the evolution of recombination. Theoretical Population Biology, 51:134-147.