If you edit a post – comment on it too! (Dan E.)

Hello all,

Sebastien and Rose have already come across the scenario where a one RLR user has something to add to a post written by another and the sensible thing to do seems to be to edit the post.

This is fine. Editing posts is obviously the right thing to do in some situations.

The problem is that the act of editing a post is not an obvious one to anyone other than the editor. You could make a really significant contribution to a post about something very useful to the lab but this contribution might not be at all obvious to any other RLR user.

This is not good.

We, the RLR audience, need to know about important stuff that gets added to existing RLR content.

So – comment!

If you comment, that comment will appear in the recent comments list on the home page (right hand side under the categories list and tags cloud). This will make it obvious to RLR users that an existing post has been changed.

What you should do if you edit a post . . .

Talk to the author of the post if your changes are substantial.

Make your changes or additions to the post.

Comment on the post, noting your changes.

That last thing is key. You really need to flag the fact that you’ve changed the post. Users of RLR will, otherwise, probably just assume that the post is the one they already know – they have no reason to look at the post to see the new material.

So, COMMENT on any post that you edit!