Drill, dry, sieve

I wanted to let everyone know about some supplies and equipment that are new in the lab. During the 2015 field season, I bought a couple of things that are now part of the lab general use equipment and supplies. Here they are:

  1. Drill. We now have a nice, battery-powered drill that is really good for drilling things. The drill is in the hardware cupboard near the lab computer. It’s in an orange bag.
  2. Silica Gel. I returned from the field with more than 50 kg of used silica gel. It’s not pristine (was used to dry seeds), but great for field work. It’s stored in sealed, orange buckets in the Lab Extension in Biology (check the tall metal shelves).
  3. Seed Sieves. For processing seeds in Iowa, I bought some seed sieves. These are supposed to be the best ones for wild Helianthus, so if you are processing a lot of seeds, these might be of use. These are also now in the Lab Extension.

Happy drilling, drying, and sieving.