Stories in the popular press

Genomic differentiation in Northern Goshawks:

CBC Radio interviews of Dr. Armando Geraldes
“Haida Gwaii home to a distinct but vulnerable pocket of northern goshawks” CBC article by The Canadian Press

Migratory divide in Swainson’s Thrush (genetic basis for migratory orientation):

CBC Radio’s interview of Kira Delmore
Global News’ television interview of Darren Irwin and Kira Delmore

“Genes play a big role in songbirds’ travel plans” (2016)
“Genetic basis for epic songbird migration uncovered” IFLScience (2016)
“Songbird’s epic migration routes are etched in genes” Cosmos (2016)

“Which direction home?” Scientific American (2014)
“When Mom and Dad have different migratory routes, kids fly right down the middle” Discover (2014)
“Hybrid songbirds’ sense of direction as mixed as their genes” Tech Times (2014)

“Backpack-toting birds share migration secrets” CBC Radio’s Daybreak South (2012)
“Migrating thrushes are tracked by GPS” The Times (2012)
“Birds with backpacks help UBC track bird migration” Huffpost (2012)
“Swainson’s Thrushes keep their distance” Birdwatch (2012)
“Birdy backpacks map winter migration routes” Metronews (2012)
“A winter thrush run from Kamloops to Central America” Kamloops This Week (2012)

Hybridization in western Canada:

“The Canadian Rockies are overflowing with hybrid birds” (2018)

Speciation and migration in Yellow-rumped Warblers:

“The Yellow-Rumped Warbler will probably be split into different species again” (2016)

First House Swift in the Americas:

“Researchers untangle mystery of tiny bird’s trans-Pacific flight” ScienceDaily (2017)

Hybridization between Pacific-slope and Cordilleran Flycatchers:

Article in Birding. (November 2010)

Hybridization between MacGillivray’s and Mourning Warblers:

Article in Birding. (May 2010)

Cryptic speciation in Winter Wrens:

Article in Birding. (March 2010)
Interview with Mark Forsythe on CBC Radio’s “BC Almanac”. To listen, click here. (Nov. 13, 2006)
Interview with James Evans on CBC Radio’s “Daybreak North”. To listen, click here. (Nov. 14, 2006)
UBC Reports
Tumbler Ridge News: 2007 and 2013.
Science Daily

Migratory divides in North America:

Article in the Yukon News. (Nov. 2012)

Ring speciation in Greenish Warblers:

“Researchers map the epic evolution of a ‘ring species'” (2014)
similar article at ScienceWorldReport (2014)

Interview with Bob McDonald on CBC Radio’s science show, “Quirks and Quarks” (scroll down to “Evolution’s Ring”)
Interview with Robyn Williams on Australian Radio National’s “The Science Show” (To listen to the interview, click here. To read a transcript, click here.)
Article by David Perlman in the San Francisco Chronicle
BBC News