Congratulations to Dr. Natola!!

We are celebrating Libby Natola’s outstanding PhD dissertation defence on Dec. 6th. Libby’s examining committee was unanimously impressed with the quality of her research and dissertation.

Dr. Natola’s dissertation is titled “Reproductive Isolation among Sphyrapicus Sapsuckers” and consists of four research chapters. One of these is published and one is in press:

Natola, L., S.S. Seneviratne, and D. Irwin. 2022. Population genomics of an emergent tri-species hybrid zone. Molecular Ecology 31: 5356-5367. Link

Natola, L., S.M. Billerman, M.D. Carling, S.S. Seneviratne, and D. Irwin. In press. Geographic variability of hybridization between red-breasted and red-naped sapsuckers. Evolution, in press. (earlier version posted on bioRxiv: Link )

Two more are on the way!

It has been a pleasure to work with Libby, and we send her forth with very best wishes.