Visiting Scientists

         Scientist           Years                  Research Area            Organization
Jun Wang

Anne Cremazy

Jung Liew




Environmental Stress on Aquatic animals

DOC and Cu effects on ionoregulation.

Ammonia &Urea metabolism in sharks

Ocean University of China

Univ. of New Brunswick

Terengganu Univ., Malaysia

Gudrun DeBoeck 2016 Respiratory physiology of sharks Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium
Sigal Balshine 2015 Physiology of intertidal fish McMaster University
Som Niyogi 2011 Metal uptake in trout Univ. of Saskatchewan
Scott Smith 2009-2010 Cu binding in cultured gill epithelia Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Michael Landman 2007 Toxicology of renal function in fish Scion Research, New Zealand
Ibrahim Messad 2005-2006 Cu toxicity in fish King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
Bernardo Baldiserrato 2001 Dietary and waterborne Cd toxicity in fish Univ. Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Adalto Bianchini 2000 Metal Toxicity in crayfish and fish University of Rio Grande de Sol, Brazil
Heinz Hansen 2000 Lipid metabolism in cultured gill cells Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark (deceased)
Pierre Laurent 1996, 1997,


Transport function in fish C.N.R.S. Strasbourg, France (deceased)
Ray Henry 1994, 1995 Carbonic  anhydrase function in trout muscle Auburn University, U.S.A.
John Maina 1993, 1995 Morphology of fish gills exposed to highly alkaline environments University of Nairobi, Kenya
Rod Wilson 1993 Protein Synthesis in fish under metal stress University of Manchester
Peter Pärt 1991-92,


Ion exchange processes in cultured gill cells Uppsala University, Sweden
Dan Towes 1988-89 Ammonia and urea metabolism in amphibiians Acadia University, Nova Scotia
Richard Walker 1987 Strong ion difference relationships in fish University of Calgary Alberta
Trevor Shuttleworth 1986 Intracellular pH regulation in dogfish rectal gland University of Exeter, U.K.