Past Members

Previous Students

Marina Giacomin (2013-19) Ph.D. student. Osmorespiratory compromise in killifish PDF, University of Alberta
Andressa de Melo 2018-2019 Visiting Ph.D. student (Brazil) Water balance in trout. Ph.D. student (Federal  Rural University of  Pernambuco), Brazil
Giorgi Dal Pont 2017-2018 Visiting       Ph.D. student (Brazil) Gasoline effects on goldfish metabolism. PDF,University of Parana, Brazil
Geraldine Kavembe 2012-2015 Ph.D. student (Germany) Population genetics and physiology of Magadi tilapia. Assistant Professor, South-Eastern Kenya University, Kenya
Mike Lawrence 2012-2014 MSc. Renal ammonia excretion in fish (co-supervised with P. Wright) Ph.D. student, Carleton Univ. Ottawa
Lisa Robertson 2011-2013 M.Sc. Osmorespiratory compromise in fish Research Assistant, Univ. of Manitoba
Marina Giacomin (Brazil) 2011 Visiting M.Sc. DOC effects in freshwater mussels(co-supervised by A. Bianchini) PDF Univ. of Alberta
Abel Machado (Brazil) 2011 Visiting M.Sc. Oxidative stress in freshwater mussels (co-supervised by A. Bianchini) Environmental Scientist, Proctor and Gamble, Berlin, Germany
Tamzin Blewett 2011-2015 Ph.D Euryhalinity and metals in fish and crustaceans Asst. Prof, Univ of Alberta
Tamzin Blewett 2009-2011 M.Sc. EE2 uptake in fish Asst. Prof, Univ of Alberta
Mariana Lauer (Brazil) 2011 Visiting Ph.D Metabolic effects of Cu in killifish (co-supervised by A. Bianchini) PDF, Univ. of Rio Grande, Brazil
Julian Rubino 2012-2014 M.Sc. Ammonia versus sodium transport in trout gut MD student Queens University, Canada
Amit Sinha (Belgium) 2011 Visiting Ph.D Molecular response to NH3 in fish Assist. Prof. Univ. of Arkansas
Lygia  Norguiera (Brazil) 2010-2011 Visiting Ph.D Ionoregulation in freshwater mussel larvae (co-supervised by A. Bianchini) Chagas Institute, Belem, Brazil
Margaret Tellis 2010-2012 M.Sc. Metal toxicity in marine invertebrates Faculty, Humber College
Marianna Jorge (Brazil) 2010-2011 Visiting Ph.D Cu toxicity in freshwater mussel larvae (co-supervised by A. Bianchini) Assit. Prof., Fed.Univ. Maranhäo, Brazil
Kassio daSilva (Brazil) 2011 Visiting Ph.D Oxidative stress in killifish(co-supervised by A. Bianchini) School Teacher, Rio Grande, Brazil
Josias Grobler 2009-2011 M.Sc. Ammonia and social hierarchies in fish Accounts Manager, General Electric Power & Water
Alex Zimmer 2009-2015 M.Sc/Ph.D Ammonia excretion in fishe PDF, Univ of Alberta
Hassan Al Reasi 2008-2012 Ph.D. Effects of DOC on fish gills (co-supervised with S. Smith) Asst. Prof. Sultan Quboos University Oman
`Erin Leonard 2008-2013 Ph.D. Bioavailability of Ni in vertebrates and invertebrates NSERC PDF, Univ of Guelph
Joel Klinck 2006-2011 M.Sc./Ph.D Biotic Ligand Model of metal binding in fish gut Asst. Prof. Redeemer College, Hamilton
Jung Liew 2011 Visiting Ph.D Urea physiology of sharks Assoc. Prof., Terrenganu Univ., Malaysia
C. Michele Nawata 2005-2010 Ph. D Molecular physiology of ammonia transport in fish SRA, Univ of Arizona
Fathima Iftikar 2006-2008 M.Sc. Hypoxia and ionoregulation in trout Research Biologist, Dept of Environment, New Zealand
Warren Green 2005-2007 M.Sc. Metal toxicity to fish olfaction PDF, Univ of Florida
Paul Craig 2005-2009 Ph.D Molecular effects of Cu in zebrafish (co-supervised with G. McClelland) Asst. Prof. Univ  of Waterloo
Viviane Prodocimo 2005 Visiting Ph.D Ion fluxes in euryhaline fish (co-supervised with C. Freire) Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Federal Parana, Brazil
Tatiana Kozlova 2005-2007 M.Sc. Daphnia metal modelling (co-supervised with J. McGeer) Aquatic Biologist, Myera Group, Winnipeg
Monika Patel 2005-2007 M.Sc. Ionoregulation in lungfish Ph.D student, Univ. of Toronto (deceased)
Karen Bechard 2005-2007 M.Sc. Metal uptake in Chironomids Senior Staff Scientist, Geosyntec consultants Inc.
Lara Alves 2003-2005 M.Sc. Dietary Pb toxicity in rainbow trout Risk assessment specialist, Ecometrix Inc. Missisauga.
Adeola Ojo Abosede 2003-2005 M.Sc. Bioavailability of metals and their interactions in the gut of freshwater rainbow trout Teacher, Nigeria
Carol Bucking 2003-2008 Ph.D Physiology of digestion in fish Assoc. Prof, York University
John Fitzpatrick 2003-2008 Ph.D Cichlid social behaviour (co-supervised with S. Balshine) Assoc. Prof. Stockholm Univ, Sweden
Sunita Nadella 2003-2005 M.Sc. Dietary uptake of Cu in fish Experiential Education Co-ordinator, McMaster University
Aline Matsuo (Brazil) 2001-2004 Ph.D. DOC effects on gill ion transport in fish (co-supervised with A. Val) SRA, City of Hope Medical Centre, Los Angeles
Joe Rogers 2001-2003 M.Sc. Physiology of Pb toxicity in fish Dentist, Niagara Falls, ON
Tammy Morgan 2000-2003 M.Sc. Physiology of fish transport at fish gills Environmental Risk Assessor, Golder Associates, Toronto
Eric Pane 2000-2005 Ph.D. Physiology of Ni homeostasis in fish PDF, MBARI, Monterey, California
Collins Kamunde 1998-2002 Ph.D. Dietary vs waterborne Cu homeostasis in fish Professor, Atlantic Veterinary College, Univ. of PEI, Charlottetown.
Jeff Richards 1998-2002 Ph.D. Lipid metabolism in exercising fish Professor, UBC Vancouver
Maciej Miarczynski 1998-2000 M.Sc. Trout bladder ion transport Hamilton Police
M. Danielle McDonald 1997-2002 M.Sc/Ph.D Urea transport in fish Professor , Univ of Miami
Derek Alsop 1997-1999 M.Sc. Physiology of chronic Zn exposure in fish SRA, McMaster University
Lydia Hollis 1997-1999 M.Sc. Physiology of chronic Cd exposure in fish Instructor, Southern Alberta Inst. Technology
Martin Grosell (Denmark) 1995-1997 Ph.D Physiology of acclimation to Cu in trout and eel. (co-supervised with H. Hansen) Professor, Univ. of Miami
Leela D’Cruz 1995-1997 M.Sc. Temperature, feeding and acidity interactive effects on fish Pharmaceutical Marketing consultant, Toronto
Nathan Webb 1995-1998 M.Sc. Ag effects on ammonia metabolism in fish. Canada Coast Guard
Mary Fletcher 1995-1997 M.Sc. Gill cells in culture ((co-supervised with M. O’Donnell) Practicing M.D. Hamilton
Darryl Burgess 1995-1997 M.Sc. Surrogate models for fish gill transport functions President, AFS Aerial Photography, London ON.
Fern Galvez 1994-2000 M.Sc/Ph.D Physiology of Ag toxicity in freshwater fish Professor, Louisiana State Univ. Baton Rouge
Jacqueline Dockray 1993-1995 M.Sc. Interactive effects of temperature and acidity on freshwater fish Research Project Officer, U. of Northern BC.
Anne Bergman (Wyoming) 1993-1999 Ph.D. Ionoregulatory physiology of Magadi tilapia (co-supervised with R. Jenkins) Confocal Specialist, Univ. of Wyoming
Tyler Linton 1992-1997 Ph.D Physiology of long-term ammonia/temperature  exposure in trout Environmental Manager, Great Lakes Environmental, Columbus Ohio
Marjorie Patrick 1992-1994 M.Sc. Kinetics of ion regulation in the killifish Assoc . Prof., U. of San Diego
Randy Lauff 1991-1994 M.Sc. Fuel usage during exercise in trout Instructor, Francis Xavier University
Yuxiang Wang 1990-1996 Ph.D. Lactate and ammonia metabolism in trout Assoc. Prof. Queen’s University
Mike Wilkie 1989-1994 M.Sc./Ph.D. Physiological responses to alkaline environments in fish Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
James Curtis 1988-1990 M.Sc. The physiology of urinary bladder in trout High School Science Teacher, Hamilton
Monica Scarabello 1987-1989 M.Sc. Oxygen debt in fish Ph. D. Univ. of Calgary(deceased)
Greg Goss 1986-1988 M.Sc. Metabolism of ion and acid-base regulation in trout Professor, Univ. of Alberta
Rick Playle 1986-1989 Ph.D. Mechanisms of aluminium toxicity in fish Professor (deceased) Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Margaret Service 1985-1986 M.Sc.(T) Evaluation of undergraduate teaching Instructor McMaster University (deceased)
Peter van Dijk (Holland) 1984-1986 M.Sc Adrenergic control of post-exercise recovery in trout (co-supervised with G. van den Thillart) Assoc. Prof. Leibniz Inst. Berlin, Germany
Doug Spry 1982-1986 Ph.D. Uptake,  accumulation and loss of Zn from the rainbow trout Senior Scientist, Environment Canada
C. Louise Milligan 1982-1986 Ph.D. Acid-base balance in exercised teleost fish Assoc. Prof. Univ. of Western Ontario
Jeff Turner 1979-1981 M.Sc. Lactate and H+ dynamics following strenuous exercise in fish Prof. McGill Univ., now CEO of Dreyfus Inc.
Doug Spry 1979-1982 M.Sc. Effect of acute waterborne Zn on physiology of the rainbow trout Senior Scientist, Environment Canada

Giorgi Dal Pont 2018-19 Nitrogen metabolism in hagfish and crabs. PDF, University of Parana, Brazil
Alexander Clifford 2018-19 Ionoregulation in zebrafish. PDF,  Scripps Institute of Oceanography,  San Diego
John Onukwufor 2016-18 Diffusive water exchange in fish. PDF, University of Rochester Medical Center
Anne Cremazy 2015-18 Physiology and modelling of metal mixture toxicity Assist. Prof., Univ.  of New Brunswick, St. John
Sandra Fehsenfeld 2016-18 Molecular physiology of goldfish kidney. NSERC PDF, University de Quebec a Rimouski
Marcio Ferriera 2016-19 Nitrogen metabolism in fish. PDF, INPA – Amazon Research Institute. Manaus, Brazil
Aleicia Holland   2015-17 Physiological effects of DOC on fish. Assist. Prof.,  LaTrobe University, Australia
Fabiola Valdez 2015-16 Effects of metals on ionoregulation in zebrafish. Research Scientist, INPA-Amazon Research Institute, Manaus, Brazil
Roberta Klein 2016 Metal mixture toxicology in sea urchins. PDF, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil.
Lygia Noguiera 2015-16 Gill cell culture models for metal toxicity Chagas Institute, Belem, Brazil
Fabiola Valdez 2015-16 Metal mixture effects in zebrafish Res. Scientist, INPA, Manaus, Brazil
Alex Zimmer 2015 Ca  regulation in euryhaline fish NSERC PDF, Univ of Alberta
Helen Sanduskas-Henrique (Brazil) 2014-2015 DOC effects on gill enzymes (co-supervised with A.L. Val) Assist. Prof.  Santa Cecilia University, Santos, Brazil.
Luciana deSouza Bastos (Brazil) 2014-2015 Effects of ammonia on Amazonian fish (co-supervised with A.L. Val) Senior Investigator , Lactec Institute of Technology,  Curitiba,  Brazil
Kevin Brix 2012-2013 Molecular regulation of Ca in killifish Consultant, ECOTOX Miami
Kevin Brix 2013-2015 Phylogenetic analysis of ionoregulation in sticklebacks and pupfish(co-supervised with D. Schulter &C. Brauner) Consultant, ECOTOX Miami
Rafael Duarte (Brazil) 2012-2014 Effects of DOC on aquatic organisms (co-supervised with A.L. Val) Asst. Prof. Univ. Sao Vicente, Brazil
Camilla Martins (Brazil) 2010 Cu uptake in blue crabs (co-supervised with A.Bianchini) Asst. Prof. Fed. U. of Rio Grande
C. Michele Nawata 2010-2012 Rh proteins and ammonia uptake in the dogfish shark SRA, Univ. of Arizona
Vania Loro 2010-2011 Zinc toxicity in killifish Assoc. Prof. Univ. Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Derek Alsop 2008-2011 Genomic effects of Ni in fish SRA, McMaster University
Li Zhang 2008-2011 Ammonia as a respiratory gas in fish Assoc. Prof, South China Sea Inst. Gangzhou, China
Ishaq Ahmed 2008-2011 Genomic effects of Cu in fish (co-supervised with G. Pyle) SRA, Opthalmology Dept. UBC
F. Khan 2008-2009 Using the BLM to reconstruct the recovery of acidified lakes (co-supervised with J. McGeer) SRA, British Museum of Natural History
Matilde de Francisco 2007 Metal dynamics in wild perch SRA Univ of Guelph
M. Jasim Chowdhury 2006-2008 Acclimation to metals in fish Research Manager, Int. Lead Association
Tania Ng 2006-2010 Subcellular partitioning of metals Clinical Research Manager, Hamilton Health Sciences
Reehan Mirza 2006-2008 Effects of metals on fish olfaction (co-supervised with G. Pyle) Assoc. Prof. Nipissing Univ
Carrie Hung 2006-2008 Molecular Biology of ion transport in fish SRA, McMaster University
Natasha Franklin 2003-2006 Waterborne/dietary interactions of metals in fish  PDF, CSIRO Sydney Australia
Patricia Gillis 2003-2006 Metal effects in invertebrates Research Scientist, Environment Canada, Burlington
Fern Galvez 2003-2006 Gill cell physiology Professor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Mike Wilkie 2003-2005 Water regulation in lungfish Professor, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Makiko Kajimura 2002-2006 Nitrogen and lipid metabolism in fish Assoc. Prof. Wakayama Univ., Japan
Chris Glover 2002-2004 Ag/DOC interactions Professor, Athabasca Univ.
Bingsheng Zhou 2001-2003 Cultured gill epithelia Professor, Wuhan Univ. China
Som Niyogi 2001-2004 Lab/field metal studies in fish Professor, Univ. of Saskatchewan
Reiner Mann 2001-2002 Food Chain effects of Ag on fish and crustaceans Research Scientist, Queensland Govt. Auatralia
Sarah Croke 2000-2001 N-metabolism in fish Independent writer, Hamilton ON
Kath Sloman 2000-2003 Behavioural toxicology of metals in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Professor, Univ. of West Scotland
Greg Pyle 1999-2000 Metal physiology in perch and trout (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Professor, Lethbridge Univ.
Martin Grosell 1998-2001 Metal homeostasis in fish Professor, Univ. of Miami
Colin Brauner 1998-2000 Chronic effects of Ag on fish Professor, U.B.C.
Scott Kelly 1998-2001 Gill cell physiology Assoc. Prof. York Univ
Nic Bury 1997-1998 Physiology of Ag exposure in freshwater Professor, Suffolk University,U.K.
Gudrun DeBoeck 1979-1998 Fuel usage in relation to stress in fish Professor, Antwerp Univ. Belgium
Sue Clearwater 1997-1999 Dietary uptake of metals in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Research Scientist NIWA, New Zealand
Jim McGeer 1996-1999 Physiology of chronic metal exposure in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Professor, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Jim Kieffer 1995-1996 Aerobic exercise physiology of salmonid fish Professor, U.N.B. St. John
Katie Gilmour 1994-1995 Physiology of gill cells in culture Professor, Univ. of Ottawa
Ian Morgan 1994-1996 Protein synthesis in fish under chronic temperature and pollutant stress (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Practicing M.D. U.K.
Scott Reid 1992-1994 Long term interactive effects of elevated temperature, ammonia and low pH in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Assoc. Professor, U.B.C. (Okanagan)
Christer Hogstrand 1992-1994 Zn, Ca and metallothionein regulation in rainbow trout Professor, King’s College, Univ. of London, U.K.
Annika Salama 1992-1993 Gill ammonia transport in fish Assist Prof. Univ. of Helsinki, Finland
Rod Wilson 1990-1992 Acclimation to metals in fish Professor, Univ. of Exeter, U.K.
Jean LeMoigne 1986-1988 Respiratory and ionoregulatory responses to hyperoxia in fish Systems Scientist, Govt. of France
Celine Audet 1985-1987 Endocrine responses to environmental acid stress in fish Professor, Univ of Quebec á Rimouski
Steve Perry 1982-1983 Ion and gas exchange in the isolated-perfused trout head preparartion Dean of Science, Professor, Univ of Ottawa
Chuck Booth 1982-1984 Mechanisms of aluminium toxicity in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald) Professor, Connecticut State Univ.
D. Gordon McDonald 1978-1980 Physiological mechanisms of toxicity of environmental acid pollution to freshwater fish Professor, Univ. of Guelph (deceased)