Past Members

Junho Eom       2016-2020Ph.D. Student Ammonia and ventilatory control in fish  PDF, University of British Columbia
Marina Giacomin   2013-19)Ph.D. student.Osmorespiratory compromise in killifishPDF, University of Alberta
Andressa de Melo          2018-2019Visiting Ph.D. student (Brazil)Water balance in trout.Ph.D. student (Federal  Rural University of  Pernambuco), Brazil  
Giorgi Dal Pont    2017-2018Visiting       Ph.D. student (Brazil)Gasoline effects on goldfish metabolism.   PDF,University of Parana, Brazil  
Geraldine Kavembe 2012-2015Ph.D. student (Germany)Population genetics and physiology of Magadi tilapia.Assistant Professor, South-Eastern Kenya University, Kenya
Mike Lawrence2012-2014MSc.Renal ammonia excretion in fish (co-supervised with P. Wright)Ph.D. student, Carleton Univ. Ottawa
Lisa Robertson2011-2013M.Sc.Osmorespiratory compromise in fishResearch Assistant, Univ. of Manitoba
Marina Giacomin (Brazil)2011Visiting M.Sc.DOC effects in freshwater mussels(co-supervised by A. Bianchini)PDF Univ. of Alberta
Abel Machado (Brazil)2011Visiting M.Sc.Oxidative stress in freshwater mussels (co-supervised by A. Bianchini)Environmental Scientist, Proctor and Gamble, Berlin, Germany  
Tamzin Blewett2011-2015Ph.DEuryhalinity and metals in fish and crustaceansAsst. Prof, Univ of Alberta
Tamzin Blewett2009-2011M.Sc.EE2 uptake in fishAsst. Prof, Univ of Alberta
Mariana Lauer (Brazil)2011Visiting Ph.DMetabolic effects of Cu in killifish (co-supervised by A. Bianchini)PDF, Univ. of Rio Grande, Brazil
Julian Rubino2012-2014M.Sc.Ammonia versus sodium transport in trout gutMD student Queens University, Canada
Amit Sinha (Belgium)2011Visiting Ph.DMolecular response to NH3 in fishAssist. Prof. Univ. of Arkansas
Lygia  Norguiera (Brazil)2010-2011Visiting Ph.DIonoregulation in freshwater mussel larvae (co-supervised by A. Bianchini)Chagas Institute, Belem, Brazil  
Margaret Tellis2010-2012M.Sc.Metal toxicity in marine invertebratesFaculty, Humber College
Marianna Jorge (Brazil)2010-2011Visiting Ph.DCu toxicity in freshwater mussel larvae (co-supervised by A. Bianchini)Assit. Prof., Fed.Univ. Maranhäo, Brazil
Kassio daSilva (Brazil)2011Visiting Ph.DOxidative stress in killifish(co-supervised by A. Bianchini)School Teacher, Rio Grande, Brazil
Josias Grobler2009-2011M.Sc.Ammonia and social hierarchies in fishAccounts Manager, General Electric Power & Water
Alex Zimmer2009-2015M.Sc/Ph.DAmmonia excretion in fishePDF, Univ of Alberta
Hassan Al Reasi2008-2012Ph.D.Effects of DOC on fish gills (co-supervised with S. Smith)Asst. Prof. Sultan Quboos University Oman
`Erin Leonard2008-2013Ph.D.Bioavailability of Ni in vertebrates and invertebratesNSERC PDF, Univ of Guelph
Joel Klinck2006-2011M.Sc./Ph.DBiotic Ligand Model of metal binding in fish gutAsst. Prof. Redeemer College, Hamilton
Jung Liew2011Visiting Ph.DUrea physiology of sharksAssoc. Prof., Terrenganu Univ., Malaysia
C. Michele Nawata2005-2010Ph. DMolecular physiology of ammonia transport in fishSRA, Univ of Arizona
Fathima Iftikar2006-2008M.Sc.Hypoxia and ionoregulation in troutResearch Biologist, Dept of Environment, New Zealand
Warren Green2005-2007M.Sc.Metal toxicity to fish olfactionPDF, Univ of Florida
Paul Craig2005-2009Ph.DMolecular effects of Cu in zebrafish (co-supervised with G. McClelland)Asst. Prof. Univ  of Waterloo
Viviane Prodocimo2005Visiting Ph.DIon fluxes in euryhaline fish (co-supervised with C. Freire)Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Federal Parana, Brazil
Tatiana Kozlova2005-2007M.Sc.Daphnia metal modelling (co-supervised with J. McGeer)Aquatic Biologist, Myera Group, Winnipeg
Monika Patel2005-2007M.Sc.Ionoregulation in lungfishPh.D student, Univ. of Toronto (deceased)
Karen Bechard2005-2007M.Sc.Metal uptake in ChironomidsSenior Staff Scientist, Geosyntec consultants Inc.
Lara Alves2003-2005M.Sc.Dietary Pb toxicity in rainbow troutRisk assessment specialist, Ecometrix Inc. Missisauga.
Adeola Ojo Abosede2003-2005M.Sc.Bioavailability of metals and their interactions in the gut of freshwater rainbow troutTeacher, Nigeria  
Carol Bucking2003-2008Ph.DPhysiology of digestion in fishAssoc. Prof, York University
John Fitzpatrick2003-2008Ph.DCichlid social behaviour (co-supervised with S. Balshine)Assoc. Prof. Stockholm Univ, Sweden
Sunita Nadella2003-2005M.Sc.Dietary uptake of Cu in fishExperiential Education Co-ordinator, McMaster University
Aline Matsuo (Brazil)2001-2004Ph.D.DOC effects on gill ion transport in fish (co-supervised with A. Val)SRA, City of Hope Medical Centre, Los Angeles
Joe Rogers2001-2003M.Sc.Physiology of Pb toxicity in fishDentist, Niagara Falls, ON
Tammy Morgan2000-2003M.Sc.Physiology of fish transport at fish gillsEnvironmental Risk Assessor, Golder Associates, Toronto
Eric Pane2000-2005Ph.D.Physiology of Ni homeostasis in fishPDF, MBARI, Monterey, California
Collins Kamunde1998-2002Ph.D.Dietary vs waterborne Cu homeostasis in fishProfessor, Atlantic Veterinary College, Univ. of PEI, Charlottetown.
Jeff Richards1998-2002Ph.D.Lipid metabolism in exercising fishProfessor, UBC Vancouver
Maciej Miarczynski1998-2000M.Sc.Trout bladder ion transportHamilton Police
M. Danielle McDonald1997-2002M.Sc/Ph.DUrea transport in fishProfessor , Univ of Miami
Derek Alsop1997-1999M.Sc.Physiology of chronic Zn exposure in fishSRA, McMaster University
Lydia Hollis1997-1999M.Sc.Physiology of chronic Cd exposure in fishInstructor, Southern Alberta Inst. Technology
Martin Grosell (Denmark)1995-1997Ph.DPhysiology of acclimation to Cu in trout and eel. (co-supervised with H. Hansen)Professor, Univ. of Miami
Leela D’Cruz1995-1997M.Sc.Temperature, feeding and acidity interactive effects on fishPharmaceutical Marketing consultant, Toronto
Nathan Webb1995-1998M.Sc.Ag effects on ammonia metabolism in fish.Canada Coast Guard
Mary Fletcher1995-1997M.Sc.Gill cells in culture ((co-supervised with M. O’Donnell)Practicing M.D. Hamilton
Darryl Burgess1995-1997M.Sc.Surrogate models for fish gill transport functionsPresident, AFS Aerial Photography, London ON.
Fern Galvez1994-2000M.Sc/Ph.DPhysiology of Ag toxicity in freshwater fishProfessor, Louisiana State Univ. Baton Rouge
Jacqueline Dockray1993-1995M.Sc.Interactive effects of temperature and acidity on freshwater fishResearch Project Officer, U. of Northern BC.
Anne Bergman (Wyoming)1993-1999Ph.D.Ionoregulatory physiology of Magadi tilapia (co-supervised with R. Jenkins)Confocal Specialist, Univ. of Wyoming
Tyler Linton1992-1997Ph.DPhysiology of long-term ammonia/temperature  exposure in troutEnvironmental Manager, Great Lakes Environmental, Columbus Ohio
Marjorie Patrick1992-1994M.Sc.Kinetics of ion regulation in the killifishAssoc . Prof., U. of San Diego
Randy Lauff1991-1994M.Sc.Fuel usage during exercise in troutInstructor, Francis Xavier University
Yuxiang Wang1990-1996Ph.D.Lactate and ammonia metabolism in troutAssoc. Prof. Queen’s University
Mike Wilkie1989-1994M.Sc./Ph.D.Physiological responses to alkaline environments in fishProfessor, Wilfrid Laurier University
James Curtis1988-1990M.Sc.The physiology of urinary bladder in troutHigh School Science Teacher, Hamilton
Monica Scarabello1987-1989M.Sc.Oxygen debt in fishPh. D. Univ. of Calgary(deceased)
Greg Goss1986-1988M.Sc.Metabolism of ion and acid-base regulation in troutProfessor, Univ. of Alberta
Rick Playle1986-1989Ph.D.Mechanisms of aluminium toxicity in fishProfessor (deceased) Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Margaret Service1985-1986M.Sc.(T)Evaluation of undergraduate teachingInstructor McMaster University (deceased)
Peter van Dijk (Holland)1984-1986M.ScAdrenergic control of post-exercise recovery in trout (co-supervised with G. van den Thillart)Assoc. Prof. Leibniz Inst. Berlin, Germany
Doug Spry1982-1986Ph.D.Uptake,  accumulation and loss of Zn from the rainbow troutSenior Scientist, Environment Canada
C. Louise Milligan1982-1986Ph.D.Acid-base balance in exercised teleost fishAssoc. Prof. Univ. of Western Ontario
Jeff Turner1979-1981M.Sc.Lactate and H+ dynamics following strenuous exercise in fishProf. McGill Univ., now CEO of Dreyfus Inc.
Doug Spry1979-1982M.Sc.Effect of acute waterborne Zn on physiology of the rainbow troutSenior Scientist, Environment Canada
Giorgi Dal Pont   2018-19  Nitrogen metabolism in hagfish and crabs.  PDF, University of Parana, Brazil
Alexander Clifford   2018-19Ionoregulation in zebrafish.PDF,  Scripps Institute of Oceanography,  San Diego
John Onukwufor2016-18  Diffusive water exchange in fish.   PDF, University of Rochester Medical Center
Anne Cremazy 2015-18   Physiology and modelling of metal mixture toxicityAssist. Prof., Univ.  of New Brunswick, St. John
Sandra Fehsenfeld2016-18Molecular physiology of goldfish kidney.NSERC PDF, University de Quebec a Rimouski
Marcio Ferriera2016-19Nitrogen metabolism in fish.PDF, INPA – Amazon Research Institute. Manaus, Brazil
Aleicia Holland  2015-17Physiological effects of DOC on fish.Assist. Prof.,  LaTrobe University, Australia
Fabiola Valdez2015-16Effects of metals on ionoregulation in zebrafish.Research Scientist, INPA-Amazon Research Institute, Manaus, Brazil
Roberta Klein2016Metal mixture toxicology in sea urchins.PDF, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil.
Lygia Noguiera2015-16Gill cell culture models for metal toxicity                   Chagas Institute, Belem, Brazil
Fabiola Valdez 2015-16Metal mixture effects in zebrafishRes. Scientist, INPA, Manaus, Brazil
Alex Zimmer2015Ca  regulation in euryhaline fishNSERC PDF, Univ of Alberta
Helen Sanduskas-Henrique (Brazil)2014-2015DOC effects on gill enzymes (co-supervised with A.L. Val)Assist. Prof.  Santa Cecilia University, Santos, Brazil.
Luciana deSouza Bastos (Brazil)2014-2015Effects of ammonia on Amazonian fish (co-supervised with A.L. Val)Senior Investigator , Lactec Institute of Technology,  Curitiba,  Brazil
Kevin Brix2012-2013Molecular regulation of Ca in killifishConsultant, ECOTOX Miami
Kevin Brix2013-2015Phylogenetic analysis of ionoregulation in sticklebacks and pupfish(co-supervised with D. Schulter &C. Brauner)Consultant, ECOTOX Miami
Rafael Duarte (Brazil)2012-2014Effects of DOC on aquatic organisms (co-supervised with A.L. Val)Asst. Prof. Univ. Sao Vicente, Brazil
Camilla Martins (Brazil)2010Cu uptake in blue crabs (co-supervised with A.Bianchini)Asst. Prof. Fed. U. of Rio Grande
C. Michele Nawata2010-2012Rh proteins and ammonia uptake in the dogfish sharkSRA, Univ. of Arizona
Vania Loro2010-2011Zinc toxicity in killifishAssoc. Prof. Univ. Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Derek Alsop2008-2011Genomic effects of Ni in fishSRA, McMaster University
Li Zhang2008-2011Ammonia as a respiratory gas in fishAssoc. Prof, South China Sea Inst. Gangzhou, China
Ishaq Ahmed2008-2011Genomic effects of Cu in fish (co-supervised with G. Pyle)SRA, Opthalmology Dept. UBC
F. Khan2008-2009Using the BLM to reconstruct the recovery of acidified lakes (co-supervised with J. McGeer)SRA, British Museum of Natural History
Matilde de Francisco2007Metal dynamics in wild perchSRA Univ of Guelph
M. Jasim Chowdhury2006-2008Acclimation to metals in fishResearch Manager, Int. Lead Association
Tania Ng2006-2010Subcellular partitioning of metalsClinical Research Manager, Hamilton Health Sciences
Reehan Mirza2006-2008Effects of metals on fish olfaction (co-supervised with G. Pyle)Assoc. Prof. Nipissing Univ
Carrie Hung2006-2008Molecular Biology of ion transport in fishSRA, McMaster University
Natasha Franklin2003-2006Waterborne/dietary interactions of metals in fish PDF, CSIRO Sydney Australia
Patricia Gillis2003-2006Metal effects in invertebratesResearch Scientist, Environment Canada, Burlington
Fern Galvez2003-2006Gill cell physiologyProfessor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Mike Wilkie2003-2005Water regulation in lungfishProfessor, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Makiko Kajimura2002-2006Nitrogen and lipid metabolism in fishAssoc. Prof. Wakayama Univ., Japan
Chris Glover2002-2004Ag/DOC interactionsProfessor, Athabasca Univ.
Bingsheng Zhou2001-2003Cultured gill epitheliaProfessor, Wuhan Univ. China
Som Niyogi2001-2004Lab/field metal studies in fishProfessor, Univ. of Saskatchewan
Reiner Mann2001-2002Food Chain effects of Ag on fish and crustaceansResearch Scientist, Queensland Govt. Auatralia
Sarah Croke2000-2001N-metabolism in fishIndependent writer, Hamilton ON
Kath Sloman2000-2003Behavioural toxicology of metals in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Professor, Univ. of West Scotland
Greg Pyle1999-2000Metal physiology in perch and trout (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Professor, Lethbridge Univ.
Martin Grosell1998-2001Metal homeostasis in fishProfessor, Univ. of Miami
Colin Brauner1998-2000Chronic effects of Ag on fishProfessor, U.B.C.
Scott Kelly1998-2001Gill cell physiologyAssoc. Prof. York Univ
Nic Bury1997-1998Physiology of Ag exposure in freshwaterProfessor, Suffolk University,U.K.
Gudrun DeBoeck1979-1998Fuel usage in relation to stress in fishProfessor, Antwerp Univ. Belgium
Sue Clearwater1997-1999Dietary uptake of metals in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Research Scientist NIWA, New Zealand
Jim McGeer1996-1999Physiology of chronic metal exposure in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Professor, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Jim Kieffer1995-1996Aerobic exercise physiology of salmonid fishProfessor, U.N.B. St. John
Katie Gilmour1994-1995Physiology of gill cells in cultureProfessor, Univ. of Ottawa
Ian Morgan1994-1996Protein synthesis in fish under chronic temperature and pollutant stress (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Practicing M.D. U.K.
Scott Reid1992-1994Long term interactive effects of elevated temperature, ammonia and low pH in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Assoc. Professor, U.B.C. (Okanagan)
Christer Hogstrand1992-1994Zn, Ca and metallothionein regulation in rainbow troutProfessor, King’s College, Univ. of London, U.K.
Annika Salama1992-1993Gill ammonia transport in fishAssist Prof. Univ. of Helsinki, Finland
Rod Wilson1990-1992Acclimation to metals in fishProfessor, Univ. of Exeter, U.K.
Jean LeMoigne1986-1988Respiratory and ionoregulatory responses to hyperoxia in fishSystems Scientist, Govt. of France
Celine Audet1985-1987Endocrine responses to environmental acid stress in fishProfessor, Univ of Quebec á Rimouski
Steve Perry1982-1983Ion and gas exchange in the isolated-perfused trout head preparartionDean of Science, Professor, Univ of Ottawa
Chuck Booth1982-1984Mechanisms of aluminium toxicity in fish (co-supervised with D.G. McDonald)Professor, Connecticut State Univ.
D. Gordon McDonald1978-1980Physiological mechanisms of toxicity of environmental acid pollution to freshwater fishProfessor, Univ. of Guelph (deceased)