Armadeira Wars

The armadeira: an arachnaphobe’s nightmare. Armadeiras are a type of spiders that live in Cardoso. They are huge and hairy, they can jump, they are deadly, and they are everywhere, apparently. When the armadeira is going to attack you, it holds its front legs up above its head, revealing the white spots under its joints that can be used to identify it. Andrew and Paula have both found armadeiras in their experiments, and today, we encountered 2! One was in the outdoor bathroom, and the other in the garbage bags. Luckily, our crazy helper, Aline, caught both of them (because she is crazy) and took them away before I started crying, tears, on the ground. When I was washing laundry later on, I thought I saw another one in the sink and freaked out again. Luckily, it was just a crab.


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