Just thinking about science and why I do it, I really liked this article:
Of course scientists can communicate
….especially I liked that we are apparently “divinely intoxicated” by science, haha, that’s easy in this department! And “…science, don’t you see, is really about uncertainty”! Awesome, yes, just like life in general!…… I seem drunk?

Thanks bromeliaders!

The end of the workshop has come, let the collaborations begin! We have learned a lot in the last few days (for example that ants grow bromeliads professionally in French Guiana and that Argentinian bromeliads look beautiful with under a blanket of snow). And I am sure we will do the most awesome joint analyses and global experiments ever. Thanks everybody for making this workshop a big success!

Foto: Olga Martinez

New Year, New Species for the library

In time for the New Year, we have completed sorting the mite samples for our collaborative experiment on regional biodiversity and resilience. This means that we can start getting some answers by data analysis! It also means I can start sorting the samples from my Masters research! This is all very exciting news. To celebrate this change of focus with the New Year, I would like to share some photos of some interesting new species that we have added to our mite library through the collaborative experiment. Please enjoy.

Tiger Symphypleonid Collembolan

Fairy-like Arthropleonid Collembolan

Fat Female Mestostigmatid Mite

Primitive Oribatid Mite

Crazy Leafy-Legged Prostigmatid

Pretty Pink Bdellid Mite

-Gennifer Meldrum, January 9, 2011

Welcome bromeliad people!

Starting today, we are hosting bromeliad scientists from all over the world in Vancouver. How exciting! Welcome everybody! Let’s have a lot of fun (and do a bit of work at the side, too). Check out this amazing webpage by Alathea, the master of media and lab communications. Go bromeliad go!