Photographs of Helianthus annuus

Over the weekend, I took some photos of the H. annuus that are growing out at Totem Park, including some of Emily, Brook, and Greg’s plants. They are just such photogenic plants, I could not resist. I uploaded a complete set of hi-res .jpg files to the blog server, and they are presented above in the gallery. These are massive, but they are .jpg, so that means they are lossy. If you want to use these for printing, let me know and I can send you the raw files, from which you can make .tif files that are as good as film negatives.

If anyone else has plants flowering that they would like pictures of, let me know! I’d love to get a nice set together for the lab.

3 thoughts on “Photographs of Helianthus annuus

  1. Hey Dylan–These are lovely! Do you remember which (if any) came from my plot? Half of the plants there are actually Helianthus winteri, although the flowers are very morphologically similar (there are a few differences in phyllary succulence and hair type/distribution). If you remember at all, it might be nice to label them specifically!

  2. Hello Brook,

    6413 and 6418 are the only ones that came from your plot. Could those be H. winteri? I’ll probably take some more shots this weekend. If you let me know which ones are H. winteri, I can take some pictures of those specifically.


  3. It’s very difficult to tell with the flowers alone, which means it’s fine to treat them like photos of annuus. There are two rows of annuus and two rows of winteri, excepting the first and last plants which are mostly annuus borders. The taller rows are winteri, and you can confirm that by checking the tags; anything with HWb, HW, HWE, or Boyd is winteri. Enjoy!

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