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We are always looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate researchers, and we occasionally have openings for postdoctoral fellows. Before applying, check out the tabs below. To apply to the lab, please email your CV, a summary of your research interests, and a brief statement of your career goals to

Equity and Diversity ūüĆą

Science benefits from a range of perspectives, viewpoints, and life experiences. Our research group celebrates this diversity and strives to foster an open, inclusive and supportive environment for all lab members, bearing in mind that there are many ways to communicate, learn and succeed. We work together to provide an environment that allows trainees at every level to develop skills in research, teaching, and critical thinking that will help them achieve their goals.

There are many opportunities to gain research experience in the lab, ranging from helping with current graduate student research projects to conducting independent research projects. For students in first or second year, there are opportunities to volunteer and gain some experience with research on fish. There are also opportunities to engage in research during the summer through the NSERC Undergraduate Research program, and for international students at UBC there are other programs available. Students in third or fourth year may also want to consider an independent research project through enrolling in Biology 448, or entering the Biology honours program. Before applying, take the time to read through the lab webpage and have a look at a couple of our recent papers to see if the kind of work we do truly interests you.

In most years, we accept one or two graduate students (either PhD or MSc), and sometimes more if they have external funding (e.g. through NSERC or other fellowships). The most important criteria for joining the lab are enthusiasm for science and a clear interest in the type of work that we do.

We do not have any funded openings at this time, but interested potential postdocs are encouraged to contact us to develop proposals for external funding. There are various opportunities for postdocs to apply for independent funding through the Killam postdoctoral program and the Biodiversity Research Centre, or through NSERC. Time lines for these proposals are long, so finishing PhD students should be thinking about this in the fall prior to the year they anticipate beginning a postdoc