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Our academic team is here to help with courses such as BIOL 234. Check out our exam packs and review sessions if you’re looking for some extra practice! All questions have been approved by the course coordinator beforehand.


What started events aimed to keep students connected and informed during the pandemic – our Biology Thursday Evening Lounge (BioTELs) have quickly evolved into useful monthly professional development events. We cover topics ranging from graduate and professional school applications, to volunteer/research opportunities around campus. Come and join us on Thursday evenings!

Events and Initiatives

Our goal is to build a vibrant, supportive community here in UBC Biology. As a result we host a ton of events and initiatives aimed for students in all years of their undergraduate studies. We host everything from social holiday events to breakfast stations for students on the go. We hope to see you at one of our events!

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The UBC Biological Sciences Society (BIOSOC) is a student run organization that has been continuously growing for decades. What started as a small group of students who wanted to hold social events has become one of the largest science societies on campus. We always strive to provide resources to students in all years of their undergraduate studies that will further their education and career paths, while holding social events that will allow both students and staff a chance to meet outside a classroom setting.