Selected Publications

1) Christina Hsu, Rain Xiong and Kenji Sugioka*., (2019)
In vitro reconstitution of spatial cell contact patterns with isolated Caenorhabditis elegans embryo blastomeres and adhesive polystyrene beads.
Journal of Visualized Experiments (153), e60422, dos: 10.3791/60422
* Corresponding author

2) Kenji Sugioka* and Bruce Bowerman., (2018)
Combinatorial contact cues specify cell division orientation by directing cortical myosin flows.
Developmental Cell 46, 257-270.e5. (Cover article).
* Corresponding author
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3) Kenji Sugioka,Lars-Eric Fielmich, Kota Mizumoto, Bruce Bowerman, Sander van den Huevel*, Akatsuki Kimura* and Hitoshi Sawa*., (2018)
Tumor suppressor APC is an attenuator of spindle-pulling forces during  asymmetric cell division.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  Jan 30;115(5): E954-E963.
*co-corresponding author


4) Kenji Sugioka*, Danielle Hamill*, Josh Lowry, Marie E. McNeely, Molly Enrick, Bhavna Murali, Lauren W. Parsons, James R. Priess and Bruce Bowerman., (2017)
Centriolar SAS-7 acts upstream of SPD-2 to regulate centriole assembly and pericentriolar material formation.
eLife, Jan 16;6. doi: 10.7554/eLife.20353.
*co-first author
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5) Amy Connolly,  Kenji Sugioka, Chien-Hui Chuang, Josh Lowry and Bruce Bowerman., (2015)
The C. elegans kinesin-13/MCAK family member KLP-7 acts through kinetochores to limit spindle pole number during oocyte meiotic spindle assembly.
Journal of Cell Biology
, 210(6): 917-932


6)  Kenji Sugioka, Kota Mizumoto and Hitoshi Sawa., (2011)
Wnt regulates spindle asymmetry to generate asymmetric nuclear β-catenin in C. elegans.
Cell, 146(6): 942-54.
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7)  Kenji Sugioka and Hitoshi Sawa., (2010)
Regulation of asymmetric positioning of nuclei by Wnt and Src signaling and its roles in POP-1/TCF nuclear asymmetry in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Genes to Cells 15(4): 397-407.


Review Papers

1) Bruce Bowerman and Kenji Sugioka., (2019)
Breaking Symmetry: Worm Cue Finally Found
Developmental Cell, 48(5): 593-594.

2)  Kenji Sugioka and Hitoshi Sawa., (2012)
Formation and functions of asymmetric microtubule organization in polarized cells.
Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 24(4):517-25.

Co-authored Papers

1)   Josh Lowry, John Yochem, Chien-Hui Chuang, Kenji Sugioka, Amy A. Connolly and Bruce Bowerman., (2015)
High-throughput cloning of temperature-sensitive C. elegans mutants with adult syncytial germline membrane architecture defects.
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, g3. 115.021451