Career Opportunities

Currently we are not recruiting new members due to the COVID-19.
If you would like to join our team, please send your CV and research interest to sugioka[at]

Postdoc Funding Opportunities:

1. Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship (3 years)

2. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 years)

3. Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 years)

4. MSFHR Research Trainee Program (3 years)

Graduate Programs Relevant to Our Lab:

1. Zoology Graduate Program

2. Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology

*All graduate students will receive financial supports.

Undergraduate Lab Experiences:

1. NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards/UBC SURE

2. Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards

3. Work Learn Program

4. Mitacs Globalink (summer internship for international students)

5. Directed Study (BIOL448)

6. Undergraduate Research Assistant (currently not open)

7. Undergraduate Volunteer (currently not open)