Microarthropods display an incredible array of morphological variation. While intriguing, this diversity of form makes it challenging to identify individual species within microarthropod communities. This website intends to provide a resource by which species can be distinguished from one another for use in ecological experiments on biodiversity. Enjoy the site.



This dichotomous key guides identification of microarthropods to a small group of similar morphospecies.
All 667 species catalogued in our library have an individual page with photos, illustrations, and measurements. The list of species can be viewed by group, by code, or by library. This section also contains information on our lab codes.
Information on who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why. This section also houses our photo album and acknowledgements.
Helpful files and information regarding the mite library and some enriching video and image files. Items included are a guide to the basic nomenclature of microarthropod morphology, a glossary, tips for sorting, pdf's with photos of all our species, and spreadsheets with measurements of our species.
Links to personnel, organizations, and other mite-relevant websites.

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