Tips for Sorting: How many mites might Mike sort right if, like Mike, mites were bright? Check out our tips page for some helpful hints on sorting Tulgren funnel samples.

Glossary: Want to know the difference between a palp and a scalp? Check out the glossary with definitions for the anatomical terms used throughout this webpage.

A Naming of Parts: Diagrams with basic terms used in identifying organisms.

The Measure of a Mite: Want to know how much smaller a mini mite is compared to a predatory mesostigmatid mite? Download this spreadsheet with measurements of all the species in our collection.

Synonyms List: Wondering about a code that you don't see in the list? Check if it is contained in our list of synonyms.

Master Spreadsheet: Do you want to know everything possible about the mites in our library? Download the master spreadsheet which includes measurements, synonyms, and other information on species in the library and the web database.

Picture PDFs: PDF files with photos of our species to assist with sorting

Mite Movies: Video footage of microarthropods taken in the lab.

A predator chews up the remains of a collembola

Oribatids crossing a concrete matrix (enhanced activity)

Mites under the microscope

Mite Posters and Wallpaper: