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We are a team of ecologists working with moss microarthropod communities in Southwest British Columbia to investigate how landscape characteristics and processes affect community dynamics. The questions we ask relate to habitat fragmentation and include how habitat patch size and isolation affect species richness, community biomass and the resilience of the community to drought disturbance. We also combine moss from different locations to investigate how regional diversity relates to local diversity. The moss system is a model for larger-scale communities that cannot be readily manipulated and replicated experimentally. By learning how the species in a patch of moss respond to environmental changes, we may, for example, be better able to understand how species in a forest would react to similar circumstances.

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Dr. Diane Srivastava

  Youhua Chen
MSc Student

Past Researchers

Gennifer Meldrum - MSc 2012
Jiichiro Yoshimoto - Post Doc 2010
Brian Starzomsky - PhD 2006
Katsky Venter - Masters 2006
Jaclyn Chan - Directed Studies 2005
Matthew Foulkes - Honours 2004

Intrepid Mite Sorters

Michael Millar 2012
Alex Jang 2011-2012
Pamela Matute 2010-2011
Rebecca Taves 2010-2011
Kyle Russell - 2004
Clarice Chan - 2004
Derek Tan - NSERC 2004
Mike Janssen - NSERC 2004
Ranelle Parker - NSERC 2003
Paul Mulyk - 2003
Sally Ahmadi - 2003
Tien Yin Yau - 2002
Lucy Ferriera - 2002
Brenda Bingham - 2002
Param Bains - 2002
Carolyn Saunders - 2001-2002
Brandi Podritske - 2001
Joanne Piercey - 2001
Jeremy Huff - 2000

Mite Drawing Dream Team

Gennifer Meldrum 2011-2012
Michael Millar 2012
Pamela Matute 2011
Dorota Niewczas 2011
Derek Tan 2004


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Microscopic images captured on a Leica MZ16 A stereomicroscope
and Auto-Montage 3D reconstruction software by Syncroscopy.

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