What We're Doing

The best way to find out what we're working on right now is to read our research blogs.

These are where we write about our day-to-day work. We describe the experiments and analyses we're doing, and what we think they might be telling us. We hope our blogs also give non-scientists some insight into what real research is like.

Rosie Redfield: RRResearch

Our RNAseq analysis: The Sense Strand

Marcelo Mora blackberryaurora

Scott Mastromatteo: Scott's Research Ramblings

Former lab members blogs:

Sunita Sinha: She who dies with the most shoes wins!!

Joshua Mell: No DNA control

Rhena Yoo: RY's research blog

Heather Maughan: Rotten Bananas

Lindsay Wilson: USS-R-US

Andrew Cameron: duckfeet

Milica Volar: MVResearch

Sally Pau: 3ggggggggi3

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