How to Contact Us

By Email:
Rosie likes email best: redfield at
Email addresses of the other lab members can be found here.

By Phone:
Rosie’s office: 604-822-3744
The lab and student/postdoc office share a number: 604-822-6323. This phone doesn’t take messages, but it does record the phone numbers of missed calls.

By Fax:
604-827-4135. Unfortunately this fax machine isn’t checked regularly, so if you’re going to be sending us an important fax please give us a heads-up email or phone call.

By Carrier Pigeon:
We have no idea how this is done, but we’d be thrilled.

Sending Us Mail:
      (name of recipient)
      Life Sciences Centre (Zoology)
      2350 Health Sciences Mall
      University of British Columbia
      Vancouver BC Canada V6T 3Z4

Sending Us Presents:
Parcels from outside Canada sometimes get delayed up at Canada Customs, so chocolates should be sent packed in ice. No import permit is needed for DNA or for non-pathogenic bacteria, but importation of H. influenzae strains requires a permit which we can obtain from Health Canada and fax to you (allow up to a week).

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