Sep 1 2023
Sydney received the CGS-M (CIHR) graduate fellowship, congratulations!

Sep 3 2023
Two undergraduate students joined the lab. Welcome Jolie Wu and Ilham Hakim!

June 24 2023
Mizuki, Menghao, Sydney, and Federico attended the 24th International C. elegans Conference in Glasgow.

June 24 2023
Sydney and Federico received the GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards. Congratulations!!

May 9 2023
Three undergraduate students joined the lab, welcome Julie Liu, Amreen Aulakh, and Arnold Cheng!

Feb 9 2023
A review about C. elegans synapse was published in Genetics.

Jan 13 2023
Mizuki’s auxin-inducible degron methodology paper was published in STAR Protocols. Congrats Mizuki!

Nov 15 2022
Ardalan’s paper was published in eLIFE. Congrats Ardalan and all authors!

September 1 2022
Hayley Ding joined the lab as an MSc student in the Cell graduate program. Welcome, Hayley!

May 1 2022
New manuscript (Hendi et al.,) posted on bioRxiv

May 1 2022
Federico Pini and Sydney Ko received NSERC USRA! Philips Lam and Riya Alluri received Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards! Congratulations!

May 1 2022
five undergraduate students joined the lab, welcome Sydney Ko, Philips Lam, Riya Alluri, Tiffany Chen, Emma Lee and Brennan Katsube!

Oct 1 2021
Doris Wu joined the lab as a Work-Learn student. Welcome Doris!

Sep 15 2021
Federico Pini joined the lab as a Work-Learn student. Welcome Federico!

Sep 7 2021
Wendy Tso joined the lab as a CO-OP student. Welcome Wendy!

Sep 7 2021
Mizuki’s paper was highlighted in Science in Vancouver !

Sep 1 2021
Menghao Lu came back to the lab as a PhD student. Good luck with your PhD work on Wnt signaling in neurite pruning!

Aug 13 2021
Mizuki’s paper was published in eLIFE. Congrats Mizuki and all authors!

Aug 1 2021
Riley St. Clair started her faculty position at Quest University. Good luck with the new job!

May 1 2021
Derek Wu (NSERC USRA), Annie Ou(Work-Learn), and Debbie Gries (Mitacs) joined the lab.

January 4 2021
New graduate student, Andrew Snow, made it to Canada, and started his MSc program!

December 23 2020
New manuscript (Kurashina et al.,) posted on bioRxiv

October 15 2020
Mizuki successfully completed the MSc defence. Congrats! He will continue to work on the mechanisms of synapse development as a Ph.D. student in our lab.

September 1 2020
Maria Koh and Thea Nalan joined the lab.

June 15 2020
The lab is partially open. We cannot accept new students at this moment though. Please stay safe~

March 18 2020
The Mizumot lab is currently closed due to the campus-wide curtailing research activities. Keep physical distancing, wash your hands and stay safe!

December 18 2019
Riley’s PhD work was selected for a cover of the issue!

December 18 2019
Menghao’s paper was featured in Science in the City

December 5 2019
Menghao’s paper was published in eLIFE!!

September 19 2019
We hosted Dr. Victor Ambros (UMass Med School) as a McClintock Lecture speaker

August 1 2019
Bianca Brenha from Brazil has joined the lab as a Mitacs International Intern, welcome Bianca!

July 26 2019
New manuscript (Lu and Mizumoto) posted on bioRxiv

June 20-24 2019
Ethan and Mizuki presented posters, and Ardalan gave a talk at the 22th international C. elegans conference at UCLA.

June 1 2019
Riley St. Claire Ph.D has joined the lab! She brings biochemistry expertise to the lab!!

May 9 2019
We hosted Dr. Larry Zipursky (UCLA/HHMI) as a McClintock Lecture speaker.

May 1 2019
Minne and Ali joined the lab as summer undergraduate researchers. Minnie received UBC SURE award and Ali received NSERC USRA.

April 29 2019
Mizuki and Ardalan wrote a review paper summarizing the recent findings in synapse formation and specificity in C. elegans. Good job!

March 20 2019
Mizuki, Ethan and Ardalan attended the Northwest Developmental Biology Meeting at Friday Harbor laboratories.
Ardalan gave an oral presentation, and Ethan received the poster award!

September 6 2018
Our first contribution to the microPublication! Congrats Ardalan!
GFPnovo2, a brighter GFP variant for in vivo labeling in C. elegans

August 17 2018
Our lab is featured in ‘Science in the City’
Publications of the Week

July 31 2018
Our first paper is published in eLIFE
Local and international collaboration made this happen. Thank you Murakoshi and MacVicar labs and everyone in Mizumoto lab!

June 25 2018
Kota, Mizuki and Jane attended CeNeuro at Madison

May 9 2018
Ardalan will give a talk about his work on axonal tiling at CeNeuro 2018 at UW Madison!!

May 1 2018
Arpun Johal and Josh Dalmann joined the lab as summer undergrads. Welcome!

March 12 2018
A Work Learn Position available for UBC undergraduate student.
Please apply through Career Online (Work Learn Project Number: 180182)

March 09 2018
Niousha Gazor received an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award.
Congratulations, Niousha!!

September 29 2017
Dr. Shinsuke Niwa visited us and gave a talk entitled “The molecular mechanism that regulates the axonal transport of synaptic vesicles” at the Neuroscience Research Colloquium.
Great talk showing the power of C. elegans genetics!

October 13 2017
Mizumoto lab is looking for two undergrad volunteers. Please contact Kota if you are interested in.

September 29 2017
Dr. Kazuo Emoto visited us and gave a talk entitled “Molecular and cellular basis for dendrite development and remodeling” at the Neuroscience Research Colloquium.
Wonderful works with lots of beautiful Ca imaging data!

September 7 2017
Dr. Gen-ichi Tasaka visited us and gave a talk entitled “TRAPing maternal plasticity in the mouse auditory cortex” at the CPS seminar.
Thanks Gen-ichi for the great talk!

July 5 2017
New collaboration paper published!
An intersectional gene regulatory strategy defines subclass diversity of C. elegansmotor neurons.