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This work was supported by generous grants from the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

To date, about 95% of the pinned collection's families are photographed, usually with only one or two specimens of each species represented. More photos will be added to the gallery as they are produced. These photos are the product of thousands of hours of work by our imaging technician Don Griffiths (seated in the picture to the left along with Director-Emeritus Dr. Geoff Scudder). Maps of our records for each species in the collection are being compiled and will be available soon by clicking on the view specimen records link. Recent updates to the collection can be found in our news section here. Three photographs are normally produced for each specimen: a dorsal, ventral, and lateral view. Other views sometimes produced are of the face and dissected genitalia or other detached body parts.