Notable Collections

Some of the important collections that make up the Spencer

A Collector's Zeal

Every insect collector has a favourite group of insects; one that in their mind trumps all others. This group is often the priority in the field and makes up the larger part of their collections. While general collecting is responsible for the majority of a museum collection's holdings it is the passion collectors showed for their favourite insects that provides invaluable data that would be otherwise unknown. This section hiighlights a few of the donated collections as well as individuals that have extensively collected for the museum. These notable collections include the de Waard Lepidoptera (moths), Downes Hemiptera (true bugs), Foxlee Diptera (true flies) and Hymenoptera (bees and wasps), Harrison Coleoptera (carabids), Lane photographic slides (all orders), Llwewllyn Jones Lepidoptera (butterflies), Scudder Hemiptera (true bugs), Spencer parasites (fleas & lice), and Stace-Smith Coleoptera (beetles).

Lane Photographic Slides

A collection of over 10,000 photographic slides by the late insect photographer Ian Lane, which were generously donated by his family.

Spencer Slide Collection

A collection of over 8,000 microscope slides of fleas and lice from around the world that constitute Spencer's personal holdings.

Photograph Collection

Live insects are captured in their natural habitats by various photographers associated with the Spencer Entomological Collection.

Scudder Hemiptera

The museum's director from 1958 to 1999 and an avid collector, Scudder's specimens from throughout BC are the basis of our Hemiptera holdings.

Hook Collection

Over 3,000 historical specimens from the UK, Japan, and BC are showcased along with their accompanying field note book entries.

BC's Rare Species

Photos of species included in Scudder's 1994 publication on rare and endangered invertebrates as well as species listed by COSEWIC and the BC-CDC.