Claire Kremen

Full Professor

My lab investigates how to reconcile biodiversity conservation with agricultural production using field, lab, and modeling studies on a variety of taxonomic groups.

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    BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Stanford University (1982); PhD Department of Zoology, Duke University (1987); Conservation Scientist, Xerces Society 1989-1992); Madagascar Country Program Director, Wildlife Conservation Society (1992-1996); Sr. Research Associate, Stanford University (1996-2001); Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University (2001-2005); Professor, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley (2005-2018), Faculty Director, Berkeley Food Institute (2012-2017)

My lab at UBC will investigate how to reconcile biodiversity conservation with agricultural production. Using field, lab, and modeling studies on a variety of taxonomic groups, we will investigate questions such as: How do different forms of agricultural land management influence long-term persistence of wildlife populations by promoting or curtailing dispersal movements and population connectivity? Specifically, can diversified, agroecological farming systems promote species dispersal and survival? How do different types of farming systems and landscapes affect ecosystem service providers (like pollinators) and the ecosystem services they produce? How do these factors then affect yields, profitability, sustainability and livelihoods? How do we design sustainable landscapes that promote biodiversity while providing for people?
For graduate students: I will be accepting graduate students for Fall 2019. Contact me at my Berkeley email address if you are interested.

Selected Awards:
Honorable John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 2014
California Academy of Sciences Fellow, 2013
MacArthur Foundation Fellow, 2007-2012
Hellman Fellow, University of California 2007-2008
McDonnell 21st Century Award: 2001-2007