Biology 326 – Experimental Biology of Invertebrates

This course is not like other courses. The class meets once a week for five hours. Students spend most of their time conducting hands-on research in the lab and in the field and learning how to analyze and present their results in scientific format. Independent projects allow students to pursue their own curiosity. There is a weekend field trip to the Bamfield Marine Science Centre.

Visit the class research blog here.

Biology 448 – Directed Studies

Many talented students from 326 and 405 have gone on to do directed studies projects in the Harley lab. Topics have ranged from physiological and evolutionary adaptations to salinity stress in sea stars to the impacts of ocean acidification on ciliate parasites. Several of these projects have resulted in publications.

Biology 347 – Principles and Methodology in Biological Research

I will teach this course for the first time with Jeannette Whitton in the fall of 2010. Emphases include faculty guest lectures, discussions on the philosophy and mechanics of science, and presentation of research from the primary literature.

Biology 409 – Field Course in Ecology

With Patrick Martone, I taught this field course in the summer of 2010. We may do it again, but not for several years. Please see the full page description elsewhere on this website for more information on this most recent iteration.