Evolution discussion group

Welcome to the Evolution Discussion Group (EDG) at the Zoology Department of the University of British Columbia.

We meet at 12:00 noon on Fridays in Biodiversity room 224 (the big meeting room on the second floor). Our purpose is to discuss recent research papers in evolutionary biology.

All graduate students, postdocs, and faculty interested in evolutionary biology are welcome. Feel free to bring your lunch.

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Current schedule

Date Presenter Paper
12 Jan Silu Wang Feigin et al. 2017 Genome of the Tasmanian tiger provides insights into the evolution and demography of an extinct marsupial carnivore
19 Jan Ailene MacPherson Lachapelle et al. 2017 The effect of selection history on extinction risk during severe environmental change
26 Jan Nathaniel Sharp Couce et al. 2017 Mutator genomes decay, despite sustained fitness gains, in a long-term experiment with bacteria
2 Feb Anna Bazzicalupo Badouin et al. 2017 Widespread selective sweeps throughout the genome ofmodel plant pathogenic fungi and identification ofeffector candidates
9 Feb Steph Blain Duxbury et al. 2017 Manipulation of feeding regime alters sexual dimorphism for lifespan and reduces sexual conflict in Drosophila melanogaster.
16 Feb Pirmin Nietlisbach Ihle et al. 2017 Increased prenatal maternal investment reduces inbreeding depression in offspring
2 March Vincent Hanlen Exposito-Alonso et al. 2018 The rate and potential relevance of new mutations in a colonizing plant lineage
9 March Ken Thompson Nelson 2017 Ancient genomic variation underliesrepeated ecological adaptation in youngstickleback populations
16 March Uriel Garcilazo Liao et al. 2018 Ejaculate evolution in external fertilizers:Influenced by sperm competition or spermlimitation?
23 March Gil Henriques Nosil et al. 2018 Natural selection and the predictability of evolution in Timema stick insects
6 April No EDG ZGSA Spring Symposium
13 April No EDG EVO-WIBO
20 April Freek de Haas Rodriguez-Beltran et al. 2018 Multicopy plasmids allow bacteria to escape from fitness trade-offs during evolutionary innovation
27 April Matt Osmond Sun et al. 2017 Effective polyploidy causes phenotypic delay and influences bacterial evolvability

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