Biodiversity Discussion Group

Welcome! The Biodiversity Discusstion Group meets weekly to discuss recent research papers and topics in biodiversity from both ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Any interested undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and faculty are welcome to suggest papers and join the discussion.

Time: Fridays at 1:00 pm

Location: Beaty 224 (Ralf Yorque Room).

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Fall 2017 Schedule



Readings, tasks etc.


Snack provider

Wk 1 (Sept 15) Neutral theory! (sort of)

Read this paper: Gilbert & Levine 2017

Sign up to lead discussions in future weeks

Home opener! Biodiv postdocs Rachel
2 (Sept 22) Life at climate extremes

Read this paper: Palmer et al. 2017

Megan/Haley Rachel
3 (Sept 29) Postponed

Go to Kat's exit seminar

3 (Oct 6) Body size and energy fluxes

Read this paper: Malerba et al. 2017

Tseng lab! Tseng lab (what troopers)
5 (Oct 13) Traits + Food webs

Read this paper: Gilbert & Delong 2017

Diane/Melissa Melissa
6 (Oct 20) Evolution of plant defense

Read this paper: Pellissier et al. 2015

Juli Carrillo Takuji
7 (Oct 27) "Something spooky", crossover week with EDG

Read this paper: Bosse et al. 2017

Note: we will met at 12:30 this week

Ken Thompson TBD
8 (Nov 3) No BDG!

Go to EcoEvo Retreat

Everyone TBD
9 (Nov 10) Transient dynamics in ecology

Read this paper: Iles et al. 2016

Think about transient dynamics (compared to asymptotic/equilibrium) and how they might apply to your own systems
Williams lab Williams lab
10 (Nov 17) Self-organizing ecosystems

Read this paper: Braakman et al. 2017

Stilian Laura
11 (Nov 24) Engaging scientists with federal environmental assessments

This one will be half presentation, half workshop

Think about how your science can help decision making

Check out this link
Alana Westwood Stilian
12 (Dec 1) Trait-based coexistence

Read this paper: Adler et al. 2013

Sam Straus Jeannette
11 (Dec 8) Ploidy under resource limitation

Read this paper: Guignard et al. 2016

Whitton lab TBD
14 (Dec 15) TBD


Joey/Patrick TBD

Tips for a great meeting:

Ask questions, whether you fret they are silly or not, what you think is a 'dumb question' is probably a fundamental question that many are wondering about or should be. So speak up.

Bring an expert: Special guests, faculty, and experts in a topic are especially welcome. If you're running a discussion and think someone should be there, or just if you know someone who should be at a particular discussion, bring them!

Tips for running a great discussion: Take a look at these tips, compiled specifically for BDG - they contain several possible ways to structure the hour so that everyone gets the most out of it.

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