in Ecology and Evolution

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Mathematical modeling in biology 
How to construct a model  
Deriving classic models in ecology and evolutionary biology 
Functions and approximations 
Numerical and graphical techniques – Developing a feeling for your model 
Equilibria and stability analyses – One variable models 
General solutions and transformations – One variable models 
An introduction to linear algebra 
Equilibria and stability analyses – Linear models with multiple variables 
Equilibria and stability analyses – Non-linear models with multiple variables 
General solutions and transformations – Models with multiple variables 
Dynamics of class-structured populations 
Techniques for analyzing models with periodic behavior 
Evolutionary invasion analysis 
An introduction to probability theory 
Probabilistic models 
Analyzing discrete stochastic models 
Analyzing continuous stochastic models – Diffusion in space and time 

Commonly used mathematical rules
Some important rules from calculus
The Perron-Frobenius theorem
Finding maxima and minima
Moment generating functions

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