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Mathematica® labs

The following labs illustrate the mathematical techniques used in A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling. To download these files, use the control-mouse click to save the file to the directory you want and then open the files in Mathematica® (download a free Mathematica® reader). When you first start to use Mathematica®, take the tutorial (go to the Help menu and click Tutorial). This tutorial provides a basic overview of the power and utility of Mathematica®.

Summary of the most commonly encountered commands in Mathematica®:

A 3-4 hour lab aimed at graduate students:

A series of 1-2 hour labs aimed at either an undergraduate or graduate audience:

Additional lab material:

Maxima labs

Maxima is a free software program capable of doing many of the algebraic manipulations performed in the book (download here). The following introduces you to Maxima:

(Thanks to Tyler Smith for Maxima code!)

If you have any suggestions for additional labs or changes to these labs, please email Sarah Otto ( or Troy Day (

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