Lab Mailing List
The mailing list provides a way to email everyone in the lab at once. To join, send an email from the desired account to In the subject line type the word subscribe. When you want to send an email to the list, send to You can find more information about mailing lists on the Zoology Computing Unit wiki.
Lab Dropbox
The lab uses a Dropbox folder through which members can share files. You will have to ask a current member of the folder to invite you.
Bromeliad Working Group Mailing List
The Bromeliad Working Group mailing list can be reached at and you can join in the same manner described above for the lab mailing list.
  • Bromeliad Working Group Dropbox folder: there is also a Dropbox folder for the Bromeliad Working Group. Ask around the lab or email Alathea to get an invite.
  • Bromeliad Working Group publications: publications on the Bromeliad Working Group website are available for your viewing, however, you will need a user name and password. Email Alathea to get the user name and password.
  • Bromeliad Wiki: the bromeliad wiki allows researchers to pool information. However, the wiki is private so you will have to email Alathea to get an invite.

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