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Au, S., Wu, W., Zhou, L., Theilmann, D. A., and Panté, N. (2016). A new mechanism for nuclear import by actin-based propulsion used by a baculovirus nucleocapsid. J Cell Sci. 129:2905-2911. Abstract

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Garcin, P., Nabi, I.R., and Panté, N. (2015). Galectin-3 plays a role in minute virus of mice infection. Virology. 481:63-72. Abstract

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Garcin, P., and Panté, N. (2014). Cell migration is another player of the minute virus of mice infection. Virology. 468-470:150-159. Abstract

Panté, N. and Fahrenkrog B. (2014). Exploring nuclear pore complex molecular architecture by immuno-electron microscopy using Xenopus oocytes. Methods Cell Biol. 122:81-98. Abstract

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Garcin, P., Cohen S., Terpstra S., Kelly I., Foster L.J., and Panté, N. (2013). Proteomic analysis identifies a novel function for galectin-3 in the cell entry of parvovirus. J Proteomics. 79:123-132. Abstract

Porwal M., Cohen S., Snoussi K., Popa-Wagner R., Anderson F., Dugot-Senant N., Wodrich H., Dinsart C., Kleinschmidt J.A., Panté, N. Kann M. (2013). Parvoviruses cause nuclear envelope breakdown by activating key enzymes of mitosis. PLoS Pathog. 9:e1003671. Abstract

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Cohen, S., Marr, A.K., Garcin, P., and Panté, N. (2011). Nuclear envelope disruption involving host caspases plays a role in the parvovirus replication cycle. J. Virol. 85:4863-4874. Abstract

Lynn, M.A., Kindrachuk, J., Marr, A.K., Jenssen, H., Panté, N., Elliott, M.R., Napper, S., Hancock, R.E., and McMaster, W.R. (2011). Effect of protease resistance bmap-28 antimicrobial peptides on leishmania major promastigote and amastigote growth: role of leishmanolysin in parasite survival. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 5: e1141. Abstract

Monette, A., Panté, N., and Mouland, A.J. (2011). HIV-1 remodels the nuclear pore complex. J. Cell Biol. 193:619-631. Abstract

Monette, A., Panté, N., and Mouland, A.J. (2011). Examining the requirements for nucleoporins by HIV-1. Future Microbiol. 6:1247-1250. Abstract

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Lott K., Bhardwaj A., Mitrousis G., Panté, N. and Cingolani, G. (2010). The IBB-domain modulates the avidity of importin beta for the nuclear pore complex. J. Biol. Chem. 285:13769-80. Abstract

Schmitz A., Schwarz A., Foss M., Zhou L., Rabe B., Hoellenriegel J., Stoeber M., Panté, N., and Kann M. (2010). Nucleoporin 153 arrests the nuclear import of hepatitis B virus capsids in the nuclear basket. PLoS Pathog. 6: e1000741. Abstract

Zhou L., and Panté, N. (2010). The nucleoporin Nup153 maintains nuclear envelope architecture and is required for cell migration in tumor cells. FEBS Lett. 584:3013-20. Abstract

Cohen, S., Au S., and Panté, N. (2009). Microinjection of Xenopus laevis oocytes. J. Vis. Exp. 24. Abstract

Fjell, C., Jenssen, H., Hilpert, K., Cheung, W., Panté, N., Hancock, R.E.W., and Cherkasov, A. (2009). Identification of novel antibacterial peptides by chemoinformatics and machine learning. J. Med. Chem. 52: 2006-2015. Abstract

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Panté, N. (2007). Contribution of electron microscopy to the study of the nuclear pore complex structure, composition and function. In Modern Research and Educational Topics in Microscopy. 2007 Edition. Ed. A. Méndez-Vilas and J. Diaz. Spain: Formatex. Vol 1, pp. 144-153. Article (PDF)

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