Health in All Policies
Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an approach to public policy across sectors — including energy, transport, housing, and waste management — that systematically takes into account the health implications of decisions, with the aim of improving population health and health equity . HiAP includes programs that gather and analyze information linking health and the social conditions within which people are born, live, work and age. There is mounting evidence that using the best available information to address and improve the upstream determinants of health, such as income, education, employment, housing, food security and the wider environment, enables governments to have a far greater influence on health outcomes for a given investment in health care
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HiAP approaches are now increasingly being recognized as an effective policy making approach by governments in Canada . For example, the province of Quebec has passed legislation within the Public Health Act in 2002 that mandated government ensure that new bills and regulations do not harm citizens' health. "Health impact assessments" are also now routinely used in jurisdictions throughout Canada to evaluate the consequences of regulatory decisions, such as residential development, on public health . In Quebec, the municipality of Acton Vale assessed health impacts of the location of a proposed residential development. The assessment provided guidance on preventing accidents through street signage design, reducing noise pollution, and preserving green space . The municipality of Edmonton is also exploring HiAP approaches and in 2014, the Mayor of Edmonton convened a symposium on poverty focused on the social factors that determine health . The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is also exploring the implementation of a Health in All Policies framework . Because HiAP approaches have only recently been adopted in Canada, data on health outcomes are still being gathered. However, substantial improvement in health in Europe, where the approach was implemented several decades ago, was the impetus for adopting the approach in Canada. For example, incidences of cardiac disease in Finland have been significantly reduced as a result of HiAP techniques implemented in the 1970s
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