Kluane Landscape in Autumn

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A software package to accompany Ecological Methodology. Version 7 (currently 7.4) runs on Windows platforms.

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Chapters revised to date (14 March 2014) are available to download for evaluation and review (PDF files):

Chapter 1 Ecological Data for Field Studies
Part I - Estimating Abundance in Animal and Plant Populations
Chapter 2 Estimating Abundance and Density: Mark-Recapture Techniques
Chapter 3 Estimating Abundance and Density: Additional Methods
Chapter 4 Estimating Abundance: Quadrat Counts
Chapter 5 Estimating Abundance: Line Transects and Distance Methods
Part II - Spatial Pattern in Animal and Plant Populations
Chapter 6 Spatial Pattern and Indices of Dispersion
Part III - Sampling and Experimental Design
Chapter 7 Sample Size Determination and Statistical Power
Chapter 8 Sampling Designs - Random Sampling, Adaptive and Systematic Sampling
Chapter 9 Sequential Sampling
Chapter 10 Experimental Designs
Chapter 11 Quasi-experimental Designs
Part IV - Estimating Community Parameters
Chapter 12 Similarity Coefficients and Cluster Analysis
Chapter 13 Species Diversity Measures
Chapter 14 Niche Measures and Resource Preferences
Part V - Ecological Miscellanea
Chapter 15 Estimation of Survival Rates
Chapter 16 The Garbage Can

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Chapter 4 from Peters, R.H. (1991) A Critique for Ecology. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, England. ISBN:0521400171

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