Make sure to specify your talk/poster information on the registration page. There are a limited number talk slots, so please sign up for a talk if that is your preference, and we will contact you if you need to think about presenting a poster instead. We are looking to achieve a balance between faculty, postdoc, and student presentations. We strongly encourage faculty to contact the organizer to nominate students and postdocs for platform talks.


Talks at EVO-WIBO are intended to present the results of completed research into evolutionary biology.

Talks will be 15 minutes in length, including the question period. There will be only a single session at a time, in the Commons at Fort Worden.

A computer projector attached to a Mac Powerbook will be provided.


We'll have two poster sessions on Saturday, each over an hour long, that overlap with the coffee breaks. The coffee will be set up in the same room as the posters, to draw everyone in. By preference, posters will be set up Friday night upon arrival.

Each presenter will be allocated a section of wall or an easel. Please make your poster fit within 4 feet of width. Please bring your poster all attached to a single piece of paper, so that it may be attached to the wall with as few pieces of adhesive as possible. We will provide the adhesive, as we cannot damage the paint on the walls. Please note that no push-pins will be allowed, as a condition of the state park.

Mountain View